Monday, June 3, 2013

Channeling Katniss

We’re all aware of Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games.  She’s a pretty, badass, bow-wielding female heroine in the books.  And I even loved her depiction in the movie version.


Now, while this wasn’t the impetus for our date a few days ago, it makes a good segway huh?  Last Friday, Jack and I decided to go arching together.  Yes, we shot bows and arrows together.  This was my first time doing so but apparently Jack had done some as a child.  You see, little boys have archery parties while little girls have tea parties.  Who knew?


In the end, he had a few more bulls-eye shots than I did.  My single bulls-eye hit was from the furthest distance away though.  Boo yah!


It was a pretty kick butt date, actually.  We had a lot of fun.  And rather than shooting guns, this was remarkable relaxing and pleasant.  We both had four arrows in a round and we’d shoot all eight between us, then go down and yank them out of the wall.  Repeat the process.  It also helped that we had the whole range to ourselves, so we could shot whatever we wanted, and move around at will.  I would love to go again sometimes, though I did pretty well this time.  Maybe I’ll just go out on top.  =D


Questions: Ever shot a bow and arrow?
Excited for the next movie installment of The Hunger Games?


  1. Love this for a date idea, I totally want to do this now! Must find a place. I think I shot bow and arrows when I was at CYO camp as a kid...maybe? I don't recall ever loosing arrows but I do vaguely remember doing safety for it. And yes, I saw a trailer for Catching Fire and I am *stoked*...but my other half isn't so much, guess I'll be seeing it alone.

  2. Not all little girls had tea parties.... some little girls who were future geneticist played Indian to the boys cowboys and became very stealthy with a bow and rubber tipped ...... (cab)

    Nice site by the way.....

  3. Hi! This doesn't really apply to this post, but I am applying for genetic counseling programs right now and I was wondering if you had any tips on interviews? I know most programs require them, and I am nervous! Any advice you could give me would be appreciated! Thank you :)
    - Lauren

    1. Hi Lauren. Just be yourself. Honestly, the people know who you are on paper, all your scores and extra-cirriculars, etc. They are really looking to get a sense of who you are in person. What types of counselor will you be when you sit down with a patient? How will you fit into their program? I have honestly never met a program director that wouldn't admit to, in some capacity, trying to personality match their incoming class. You six or seven or thirteen ladies (and maybe a gentleman or two) are going to be really close for two years, its better if you all get along! So yea, just be yourself, show your passion for GC but don't be overwhelming. Just remember, they like you already or you wouldn't be at an interview!!! Good luck.


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