Sunday, April 28, 2013

Study Fest

After a wonderful Friday night (celebration, announcement to come shortly) and Saturday (bridal shower for Jack’s brother’s fiancée), today I am relegated to catching up on sleep, hydration, and studying.


Jack, his friend Chris, and I all hung out together to keep everyone focused.  You can tell I look incredibly excited to be reading over and memorizing close to 60 diseases/disorders.  They spent their time working on physics and writing on blackboards.  At least we were slightly more focused than sitting in rooms alone with temptations like TV staring us in the face.  Anything to get my through these last three days of school.  Then it is all over.  Graduation, here I come!

Questions: Ever Skype studied with friends of a loved one?
What are some tips to help keep you on track during marathon sessions?


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