Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Empty Lots, Too Full Crocks

When you leave a hospital and the parking lot looks like this –>


You know you’ve been around for a bit too long.  I made it up to myself today but stopping at Trader Joe’s for some pick me ups in addition to a few soup vegetables for the crockpot vegetable stew I’m making tonight while I sleep.  By the way, the chocolate was recommended to me by my good friend Mary.  She raved, I bought.  =D


Now, let’s do some What I Ate Wednesday action huh?

Breakfast this morning came in the form of scrambled eggs after my HIIT workout at 6am.  I topped some them with some salsa, sour cream, and nutritional yeast.  On the side was an orange for some fruit goodness.


Sadly I got hungry in the middle of class and didn’t get to eat until I was in the car on the way to the hospital after getting out of population genetics.  I chowed down on an apple and some carrots/celery in the car to curb my appetite.


Then when I arrived at clinic I heated up some defrosted salsa chicken and poured it over a big bed of spinach and a few drops of blue cheese dressing for an extra flavor punch.


It doesn’t look like much but I promise it tasted really good.  Thankfully this propelled me through a chaotic afternoon of patients and ultrasounds.  One of my scheduled patients didn’t end up needing counseling but my second scheduled patient did so instead of two I only got one today.  That means I’m one behind for the week.  It’s crunch time peeps!


I snacked on some cheese and yogurt before sitting through some critique and doing some maneuvering schedule wise with my supervisor.  On my way home I surfed the radio channels for new music with little success and I called my momma to talk. When I got home I spent some time taking care of a few emails and then I made dinner since it was already late.  I had a vegan Boca burger with pepper jack cheese, mustard, BBQ, lettuce, and relish on cloud bread (an experiment let me tell you!).


Some celery on the side with spinach dip (homemade and clean) rounded out the meal.  Yummy all around.  The spinach dip needed something, maybe Parmesan and pepper… Next time, next time.  Full of savory, I broke out the sweets for dessert.  S’mores anyone?


This one was made with a honey graham cracker, two marshmallows, 72% dark chocolate, and a smear of peanut butter.  It was for serious delicious!!  I wanted another one but instead I set my mind to chopping up veggies for my vegetable stew inspire by this recipe.  I decided to add mushrooms and spinach, sub in sweet potatoes for the regular ones, one each yellow and green pepper for the red one, and veggie broth instead of chicken broth.  In terms of spices, I used only Italian seasoning along with some pepper and minced garlic.  My crockpot was literally almost overflowing!!!  I hope it cooks down tonight while I sleep.  I’ll treat you all to a picture tomorrow when I see it all mulled and mixed together.  Can’t wait to wake up to the smells.  Nomnom.

Questions: What is your favorite kind of stew?
Create your perfect s’more for me!

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  1. your spinach dip looks delicious!!! and i love the apple + veggies chilling out in your cup holders. haha.


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