Sunday, February 3, 2013

Things I Love

Super Bowl weekend is upon us!  Let’s celebrate by talking about some things I love:

1) The Puppy Bowl!!  You simply can’t beat cute puppies playing “football”.


2) Vacuum lines and fuzzy socks.


3) A hot bowl of onion-y, garlic-y scrambled eggs topped with salsa, sour cream, and nutritional yeast.  Fantastic breakfast.


4) Rice krispie treats while on the tram going between hospitals.  Keeps the spirits up in between patients and critiques.


5) Spinach salads with lemon pepper, olive oil, and honey.


6) Pure Romance parties with the girls.


7) Deliciously flavored protein bars for post-weight-lifting recovery eats.  This one was consumed on my way to church this morning.


8) Chocolate fondue!!!


9) Pregnancy wheels and all the information they provide…like how if you conceive a baby on Valentine’s Day, they’ll be due on Nov 7th.  Here’s to me seeing a lot of early November babies in a prenatal job sometime soon.  *crosses fingers*


10) Homemade high protein greek yogurt cheesecake for dessert!  4oz greek yogurt, ~1 tbsp cheesecake pudding mix, and 10 drops of chocolate Stevia.  Top it off with crushed pretzels, almond butter, two kinds of chocolate chips (dark cacao and mini semi-sweets), and chocolate syrup.


Those are some pretty awesome loves huh?  Now I’m off to a Super Bowl party to get my football watching, dip eating, crazy face rooting on.  Go Ravens!  My hometown pride is kind of showing (if not the Redskins, I’ll take a Maryland team), so it should be a fierce game.  Have a great one!

Questions: What are some things you love?
Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl tonight?


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