Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day In The Life + WIAW

This post could also be titled “If I Blogged Every Minute Of The Day” and I figured it would be a funny alternative type of post.  So here we go.  This is my WIAW post combined with a detailed look at a day in the life of busy genetic counseling student.


5:40am - alarm goes off

5:41am - out of bed

5:48am - out the door, to the gym

5:57am - in the gym, on the elliptical, practicing my prenatal presentation

6:43am - back to the apartment

6:50am - shower time

7:00am - dry off, get dressed (realize my new tailored pants fit great), makeup and hair


7:20am - make breakfast (peanut butter honey yogurt with strawberries and chia)


7:32am - done with breakfast, eaten while watching last night’s Hell’s Kitchen

7:35am - out the door, to campus I go

7:45am - park the car

7:53am - arrive at the student room after a very long, very cold walk from the parking lot to our building

7:55am - log onto a classmate's computer because mine was taken by my first year deskmate

7:56am - begin the day by looking at recipes online...waste.of.time
(looks yummy –>

8:00am - switch to Facebook

8:05am - work on an outline for one of tomorrow's morning patients

8:30am - go to class

8:45am - be real tired in class

9:07am - get midterm

9:10am - realize everything is going to be fine

9:20am - bathroom break while people argued for points

9:30am - class resumes and continues to be not the most exciting thing in the world

10:00am - switch classes from molecular to population

11:15am - technology breakdown in class and we continue class from handouts rather than a projected presentation on the board

11:38am - back to the student room

11:40am - applied for a job in Arizona

12:00 noon - heat up lunch (pumpkin and black bean chili with tempeh and an unpictured apple on the side)


12:30pm - MFM presentation time

12:43pm - actually start my presentation

12:50pm - the majority of people noisily arrive

1:08pm - finished

2:30pm - set up for my thesis seminar practice presentation

2:32pm - find out some promising job news (hopefully more on that by the end of the week!)

2:50pm - finally give my thesis seminar practice presentation

3:30pm - finish my PowerPoint five minutes too early, dang it!

3:50pm - head to my old place of work for fried goodies made my an old co-worker


3:53pm - significantly improved mood

4:15pm - begin prep of Thursday patients

5:12pm - still working...

6:10pm - give up the ghost and go home

6:20pm - get home and change into more comfortable clothes

6:30pm - make dinner with veggies for a "fried food detox"

6:50pm - actually eat dinner (salad beast topped with bleu cheese and steak seasoned TVP and jalapeno hummus dressing) while watching How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days


7:30pm - get angry at my iPhone for being broken somehow and unable to be backed up or synced (grumble, grumble)

7:43pm - dessert in the form of Peeps as it is that time of year


8:01pm - finish this post and decide I really should be doing something academically productive


Questions: What would your life look like if you blogged every moment?
Are you a fan of Peeps?


  1. I love this set-up! I think my blog would differ mostly in the areas where my alarm goes off and when I get out of'd be like 6:30 alarm goes off, 6:40 goes off again...repeat until 7:10, out of bed lol. Then I tend to multitask during the day so that'd be tough to map out. Also, I do not like peeps, but it's fun to put toothpicks in them and microwave them to watch them joust...


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