Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Art of Waiting

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

Boy, it's been so long since I have done a What I Ate Wednesday post!!  To be honest, I actually had to remind myself to take pictures before I ate.  In the end though, I did, so here we go –>

Breakfast was on the go because I had to be at GI Malignancy Tumor Board at 7am which meant I had to leave my apartment at 6:15am.  I was not super happy about it but my liquid breakfast got me going.  I do love smoothies when I’m on the go.


Thankfully I have a rock solid stomach most of the time because we spent the whole morning talking about mucinous tumors and metastatic disease in 30-year-olds.  Seriously, the idea is enough to make sick some days.  It is just so hard to think that there are “healthy” individuals who do everything right: exercise, eat well, see their doctors as regularly as they should, and they STILL get blindsided by cancer.  I can’t even deal.  I just can’t.  Anyways, by about 9:30 I was hungry again.  This seemed early but then I realized that it had already been three hours since I last ate.  To calm my tummy I whipped out a homemade chocolate zucchini protein bar (I’ll try and get the recipe up sometime!).

photo (12)

This baby did the trick for another three and a half hours as I corrected patient letters and worked on formatting my graduate project for journal submission.  On my way home I did some quick shopping errands.  I needed to grab the ingredients necessary to make some party food for Saturday!  Can’t wait to hang out with friends, get dressed up, enjoy some great eats, and socialize.  When I got back from errands it was a bit past lunch time and I was getting hungry.  I made myself a goat cheese, cherry jam, and almond butter grilled sandwich with a side of pretzels, snappea crisps, and an apple.

photo (4)

I spent the entire afternoon working on formatting which seriously annoyed me.  Sometimes I think the worst part wasn’t writing the article, it is having to format it properly.  Getting all the punctuation properly done, and the spacing perfect, and the font right.  Oi.  I’m over it.  But thankfully I made really great progress!  By five I was ready for dinner but I decided to do some Jillian Michaels yoga.  I get started NROLFW Stage Two and the squat/lunge heavy workouts are making me real sore.  The stretching of yoga was well worth it.  Dinner after consisted of a bowl of split pea soup (thanks to the crock pot, can’t beat it) and some salsa with multigrain crackers.

photo (10)

I know split pea soup doesn’t always look the best but it seriously sticks to your ribs.  In that one awesome bowl there is close to 20g of protein.  How sweet is that?  Oh yea, and speaking of sweet, I treated myself to some INCREDIBLE chocolate for dessert.

photo (11)

If you like sea salt caramel and dark chocolate you need to jump on this train, fast.  The sultriness of this dessert managed to keep my mind occupied for all of five minutes.  Sadly I really needed more distraction.  You see, I’m waiting for a really important phone call, and sadly it hasn’t come yet.  It is an exercise in patience.  I get that.  But if we’re being real, I am an awful artist when it comes to the art of waiting.  I mean it’s not like I can do anything to make the phone ring quicker but a girl can dream right?  Let’s just hope I get the call soon.  I’m dying over here!

Questions: How do you distract yourself when you’re waiting for something big?
What’s your favorite flavor to combine with chocolate?


  1. Oh I can hardly wait for the homemade chocolate zucchini bar recipe! They look delish.

  2. Yup, I have to agree with Jessie on this one. You sold me on the chocolate zucchini recipe :)) Wow! What a day you had! thx for sharing! :)


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