Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Day In Bed

After a night of great music,

photo (12)

I awoke this morning to spend the whole day under the covers.  It was beyond lovely.

photo (10)

Well, almost the whole day though I am writing this from bed too.  I took minor breaks for sustenance…

photo (8)photo (9)photo (11)

…and to go and lift weights. I finished Stage Two of NROLFW today.  That means this upcoming week is a rest week before Stage Three.  Rest week = cardio week honestly.  I’m on a mission to drop a few pounds before the holiday season.  I know that sounds silly coming from a girl who just posted a picture of a lovely cup of froyo but I promise it was planned for and I had the room in my “diet” to do it.  Plus it was a well earned reward for putting the final touches on my final draft of my thesis.  That’s right, I am submitting my manuscript version early this coming week to my main mentor.  He is going to make any last minute tweaks he has and then we’re going to run it by the rest of my committee and other contributors.  After that, I and my manuscript are publication bound!

By the way, if you haven’t noticed lately a lot of my pictures are coming from my iPhone so they’re shaped differently and probably colored slightly harsher.  Some are also from Instagram so they’re already been processed through their filters.  I hope you all don’t mind, I figure the camera is good enough (its something like five megapixels) and usually I employ the “one less thing to carry” excuse.  I’ll admit that lately, any way to make it easier/quicker to snap pictures before I forget has been helpful.  This whole second year of genetic counseling graduate school is all about being swamped.  Anyways, I figure some pictures are better than no pictures.  =D

Finally, as almost an afterthought, because I’ve been watching so much Gossip Girl lately (mmm, call it a post embryo exam season five TV binge, haha) I honestly feel the need to pose this one single question: Holy smokes, is there really a place where this much drama exists?  The characters in the show jump to conclusions faster than toddlers fall off teeter-totters.  It is ridiculous.  I may have yelled at the screen several times urging the couples and families to just COMMUNICATE already.  Seriously, you can’t just go around assuming crap and handing out ultimatums and deals every three seconds.  Life doesn’t work that way.  Or maybe it does for those people raised in privilege, with tons of money, and little to worry about aside from social matters.  I realize that is a gross generalization and probably a far reach but you go and watch several episodes of Gossip Girl and tell me you don’t feel the same…

Questions: What TV series are you watching lately?
Do you prefer TV or books during a morning in bed?


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