Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Today’s WIAW is going to be a big recap of all sorts of foods because of my lack of posting due to lack of time lately.  This new rotation I’m in is kind of kicking my booty in terms of time management.  So let’s call this post a What I Ate All Week, a WIAAW, if you will.

So, without further ado, get ready to drool.  I’ll separate it by meal type I think and save the best for last, the desserts.  Let’s hope to it!


1) Brunch at a local place just a block and a half from my apartment.  I had some of the best sausage gravy ever smothering an incredibly fluffy biscuit.  Had a side of “Anna’s potatoes” too with gruyere cheese…ridiculously awesome.  And that big red disc you see, I kid you not, that’s a red velvet pancake and potentially one of the greatest things on the face of this earth.  Those pumpkin pie pancakes in the back (not mine, I may be a piggy but not that much!) might have given the red velvet a run for their money.
2) Breakfast cake like always with walnut butter, maple syrup, and chia seeds like always.  Oldie but a goodie.



1) Chunky veggie krab slaw with homemade coleslaw dressing. Delicious!
2) Harvest turkey cranberry salad from Panera Bread.
3) Football game date lunch: Buffalo chicken nachos.
4) Football game date lunch: Loaded Texan burger with fried onion, cheese, bacon, and BBQ and a Philly sandwich.  We went halfsies and had both straight and curly fries.  I love the spirals!
5) Sweet potato cauliflower goat cheese bisque. Homemade and super.  Based on this recipe with some obvious changes (hence the goat cheese in the name).


Dinners (and Drinks):

1) Dinner and a movie date: Pumpkin pie martini.  Oh yea, like liquid pie greatness.
2) Dinner and a movie date: Halfsies of a chicken, pineapple, peanut sauce, sesame slaw sandwich and a bacon bleu burger.  Waffle fries for me!
3) Dinner and a movie date: cranberry cosmo for me and a boozy peanut butter chocolate milkshake for him, well, me too. As if I wouldn’t sip that!
4) The sweet potato cauliflower bisque made originally at Jack’s apartment on Saturday night before I made my own version yesterday.  He stuck much closer to the recipe than I did.  Both were good.
5) Traditional dinner plate of chicken/apple sausage with BBQ sauce, steamed broccoli with mustard, and some curry blend seasoned roasted butternut squash.  Oh me, oh my –> so yummy, must make again NOW!
6) Heaping, overflowing salad made for tonight.  Topped with hot leftover curry roasted butternut squash and spicy French dressing.



1) Dinner and a movie date: Cinni mini dessert. Tasted like hot molten gingerbread.
2) One of the most insane looking peanut butter milkshakes ever.  We all about jumped the counter watching it be made.  Wowza.
3) Andes mint pie a la mode.  Seriously delish.  I could have eaten the whole entire pie, easily.  I wouldn’t have even felt bad about it.  I would have been too blissed out to care.  Probably would have been a bit sad in the morning though…


With that my dears I hope I have made you salivate.  I know I enjoyed it all while I was eating it!  I’m going to leave you with two cute pictures from the dance Jack and I attended on Saturday.  It had been a long time since we’d gotten to move on the floor so we had a great time.  And dips are a must…after giggles of course.


Questions: What is your drink of choice when you go out?
Favorite flavor of milkshake?


  1. Wow, everything looks so tasty. Your breakfast brunch has me craving sausage gravy and biscuits. I have never had a peanut butter milkshake but now it is a goal. :-)


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