Friday, November 30, 2012

Sassy Shoes

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the sassy shoes I’ll never buy –>


I tried to walk and it was almost a public disaster.  I’m obviously not that skilled.  I didn’t intend to buy them to begin with though.  They were only $18 but I know that I rarely where heels, let alone platform heels.  However, I know that anything orange at least gets me to stop and look, or try it on as the case may be.  I ended up getting what I really came for though, thankfully: replacement standard black shoes fore everyday wear.


Forgive the ghost white hand.  Clearly store lighting is fifty shades of awful.  You get the point though.  I was actually really glad to have found these on the clearance rack.  I love spending less than I intended on something.  I think I made up for it though when I went next door to Walmart for bread and walked out with much more than that.  Try pudding, cereal, carrots, cheddar cheese, eggs, and the originally intended bread… Oh well, all necessities on some level right??

One more thing before I head out to enjoy taking the rest of this Friday night off, I wanted to share my newest, extremely tasty version of egg salad: the lemon pepper kicker.  In the mix:

One hard-baked egg, mashed with a fork
One stalk of celery, minced
2/3 tbsp of light mayo
1 tsp of mayo
A healthy dash of lemon pepper seasoning

It was perfectly dressed (not overly wet from too much mayo like a lot of egg salads) and clung to my bread like a champ.  Perfect dinner.

photo (16)

Question: How often do you wear heels?


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