Sunday, November 4, 2012

Solo Smile

You know the day is going to be great when you wake up to this kind of e-mail –>


Oh, if only...  I think this is pretty cute.  You can never go wrong with old school Star Wars.  Gave me a smile to get me out of bed.  I headed to the gym shortly after for a sweat session on the elliptical.  Came home and did some ab work before cooking up some egg white almond pancakes.  I topped them with some chocolate protein frosting for a kick, some flax and chia seeds, and then syrup.

photo (13)

Good sweaty breakfast.  Followed this up with a trip to church.  I was a Greeter today for the 11 o’clock service.  Basically, I stood at the nametag table to greet everyone and spot newcomers to make all feel welcome.  Pretty nice way to spend the morning especially since there were like twelve new people today.  One of the new couples actually do a meet-up here every year.  They both come halfway to attend mass and do lunch.  It was so cute hearing their story.  Today was a high feast day of the church courtesy of All Saint’s Day (Nov. 1) so that meant that we were incensing the church and we had baptisms.  I could smell the incense coming a mile away.  Reminded me of a Christmas candle.

When I got back home after mass I had a hungry tummy to satisfy.  Lately egg salad has been on my brain so I made a quick egg salad with a single hard-baked egg, half a tablespoon of mayo, and a healthy shake of curry spice blend (courtesy of Tina’s blog).  I smooshed that mix between two slices of wheat toast and added a side of pretzels and apple.

photo (14)

I ate this lovely lunch on the floor while I watched the rest of the the most recent episode of Nashville.  Sadly that finished much too quickly and I was forced to read two chapters in my embryology book.  I learned all about muscles and limb development.  I have to blow through the integumentary system before Thursday’s class.  Speaking of embryo, I kind of wonder how I did on my test last week.  Probably won’t know until the week before Thanksgiving though.  Oh well, for now, I shall resume my focus on mastering the material as it comes my way.

After reading, I vegged a little more cleaning out my DVR and watching more Netflix.  Seriously, I have to say that this weekend has been really restorative.  This past week was rough and the upcoming weeks, especially those after Thanksgiving break, are going to be rough too so I won’t apologize for being kind of “lazy” these past two days.  Call it feeding my soul!  Later, dinner came in the form of some tempeh butternut bake mixed in with broccoli.  I also decided that a glass of Obsession white wine was in order.

photo (15)

Fairly sure I was so hungry (and it was only 5:30 in the evening) that I ate this whole bowl in seven bites.  I also had to grab a huge glass of water to keep me from downing the wine just as fast.  Patience, my dear, patience.  More TV came after though I debated reading another chapter in my embryo book.  That quickly got shut down when I remembered I had already done two today.  No more for me.

Since I had eaten my dinner so early I was hungry a bit later and I decided to indulge in dessert to finish out the night.  I contemplated for a while about what I wanted and since I couldn’t just whip up some of the incredible things on Pinterest I had to settle for something a bit more realistic: ice cream.  Now it’s off to watch The Vampire Diaries before heading to bed to start another week.

photo (16)

Questions: What is your favorite kind of wine?
How do you feel about the time change and the early darkness?


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