Wednesday, August 22, 2012

After Burn

I’m in the midst of doing some homework and letter writing so this won’t be a long post but I wanted to share my eats with you all because it’s another What I Ate Wednesday hosted by Peas and Crayons.

First up was breakfast: ripped up flax bread topped with a peanut butter maple glaze.  I had it in the shuttle on the way to school and it wasn’t super light out so I apologize for the darkness we have going on here.  It was delicious though, I must say.


Next up was some string cheese at 10ish when I got hungry in-between doing batches of DNA backups at work.


Lunch came in the form of a salad from the hospital cafeteria.  I was supposed to go out for lunch but things happened and plans fell through so I had to manage otherwise since I hadn’t brought food with me.  The salad was sad and small but got some points for having beets and cauliflower on there.  The picture I’m going to show you though is the much happier, peppier, larger, better salad from last night.


My late afternoon pick-me-up was an apple eaten while reading in the shuttle on the way home. 


Didn’t do much for me though.  I barely made it another hour before major, major hunger set in.  I tried to fend it off by reading some Embryology but just ended up making myself so hangry that I bailed on my previous dinner idea (stuffed mushrooms anyone?) in favor of a much faster combo of leftover broccoli cheese rice with sour cream, TVP, and halved grape tomatoes.  Some Old Bay seasoning in there too.


Also snacked on some rice cracker mix while I was waiting all of forty seconds for my bowl to heat.  Yup, I was that hungry and that impatient.  Note to self, don’t do that again.


On another interesting note, I did an experiment this morning with my workout.  I ran thirty minutes (well actually 27 minutes with a three minute walking warm up), did a five minute inclined walking cool down, and then a five minute period where I kept my heart rate monitor [HRM] on to see what my “after burn” would be.


Turns out the treadmill overestimates by over a hundred calories after the first 30-minute run and by just under a hundred after the cool down.  That’s pretty significant if you ask me.  I did enjoy seeing the 35 calorie after burn though.  Pretty neat I must say to know that you’re still burning calories after getting out of the gym.  (Not that you aren’t always burning calories thanks to your basal metabolism.)

Question: Do you trust gym machines with your calorie burn?


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