Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Goodbyes and Goodies

Today was the mother of long days.  Seriously, I was gone from 7:30 this morning to 6:30 this evening.  I am not a fan of 11 hour days, FYI.  Though, after seeing four patients toady, and legitimately counseling two of them, I felt pretty good.  This morning though was not so peppy.  I was tired rolling out of bed.  By the time I got my booty up and to the gym my legs felt like lead but I plodded through a 20 minute elliptical workout before coming back to the apartment to do some ab work.  Eventually I finished, thank Heavens, and I showered and changed for clinic.  Breakfast was consumed in the elevator on the way to the shuttle because I was too hungry to wait until I sat down in the van.  I had a cinnamon raisin English muffin stuffed with peanut butter cottage cheese.


Weird maybe, colorful certainly not, awesome definitely.  I enjoyed every bite and was a bit sad when it was over.  Thankfully though it kept me full for a good three hours and I was more than hungry and ready for lunch. Since one of the techs in my lab has accepted a new position outside the lab for the state police force as a CSI, we had a catered going away lunch.  Moe’s was on the menu.


Most people made burritos but I made myself a salad with all the fixings, three kinds of salsa, sour cream, cheese, and some guacamole that I added after the picture.  It was great.  The beans were nicely seasoned and added protein and after the whole plate was gone I felt pretty satisfied.  I was happy with my decision even though the easy route would have been to have two or three tacos with all those carbs!  After lunch, I was in clinic all afternoon.  Three patients and three hours later, I was writing reports like my life depended on it, milking my last couple hours with Mitch before he wrapped up his time visiting with my program.  Around six we trekked out to the car and he drove me home.


I was sad to see him go.  I will miss him as goodbyes are never fun.  It was nice to have a guy around, kind of our token male in the program.  Males account for something like less than 5% of all genetic counselors so, you know, you take ‘em where you can get ‘em.  =D  On a happier note, guess what was there to greet me when I got home!?!? My new GPS had arrived.  I was pretty pumped.


And apparently pretty dumb.  Who knew you needed to be told that a satellite receiver needs a clear view of the sky?


Well, now you know.  Can’t wait to use this baby!  It’s a different brand than my last one so it’ll be interesting to see the differences.  Also arriving today was my embryo book.  This sucker is going to get a workout every Thursday afternoon.


I’m a bit nervous about the whole subject but I’m hoping the Developmental Biology class from my first Masters degree will help take the edge off.  Anyone ever taken an embryology class before?  When I had finished ripping open the goodies, I realized I was pretty hungry.  I don’t blame my tummy though, seeing as it had been a long time since I’d eaten with clinic hogging my afternoon.  So instead of going a healthier route I went for the fastest stuff I could get my hands on.  While my main dish was heating I scarfed down two slices of toast with apple butter and cinnamon.


When my bowl finished heating I savored some cheese and broccoli rice with red pepper chicken sausage bites, sour cream, and Old Bay seasoning.  It was perfect, spicy, and gooey.


Just what I wanted.  Next up was making my dessert for the pitch in BBQ I’m going to on Friday.  The new first years are coming to meet us second years so we can all get to know each other before school starts.  It’s going to be awesome.  But anyways, I made a modified version of these marshmallow bars.  I used large marshmallows chopped in half, one single bag of chocolate chips, a single stick of butter, and only a half cup of peanut butter.


I also decided to dust the whole top with crumbled graham crackers for a s’more feel.  Figured it would go great with the cookout/bonfire theme we have going.  Lastly, this evening I had to go out and get some fun candy toppings for our ice cream social we’re having tomorrow at work (also to celebrate the co-worker’s new job).  I chose Reese’s peanut M&Ms, and dark chocolate M&Ms.  When I got home from the store I served myself up a small bowl of blood orange sorbet with some mini chocolate chips.


Mostly because if I didn’t have this controlled serving, I would have broken into these toppings and that would have ended poorly.


Yea, dangerous, huh?  Right, I thought so.  Anyways, now I’m off to a party.  Yes, it starts at 10p.  Kind of crazy on a week night but since I see the doctor tomorrow morning I get to sleep in a bit since I’m not going in to work at 7:30am.  I’m hoping it’s not an awful idea to go to bed at 11 (man I sound old!) but I think the social moment will be worth it.  G’night!

Questions: What is your fav flavor of sorbet?
What’s the most exotic sorbet you’ve ever tried?


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