Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Today’s good habit: balance.  We’re talking all about a mix of work and patients and house-keeping.  I started off the day with a weights session courtesy of NROLFW.  After I got back to the apartment and showered, I grabbed my breakfast and headed to the shuttle.  I chowed down on some yogurt with a few blueberries, some rolled oats, chai latte protein powder, and flax seed mixed in.  Cinnamon on top.


Sadly this only keep me full for about 2.5 hours through specing some samples and organizing 69 pellets then labeling all 207 corresponding tubes.  Yea, we waste a lot of plastic in that lab, I swear.  Though I’m not sure we could do the procedures any other way.  Anyways, because I was hungry around 10 I stopped for a snack of raisins. 


A little refreshed, I finished up 24 of the 69 pellets in an hour and a half and then left for a working lunch.  Last of the leftover red curried chicken and cabbage anyone?


I made some revisions to my metabolism outline and then headed to clinic to see some patients.  When the appointments were over, I spent the rest of the afternoon working on a long list of patient follow up things: calls, checking on insurance, searching for results, etc.  A lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff is the time consuming part and the hunger-inducing part.  Cheese helped.


Yea…finally I escaped around 4:30 only to come home and read a whole other chapter in my embryology textbook due to a very recent syllabus change.  Thankfully it wasn’t a huge one, maybe ten to twelve pages.  Right about the time I was finishing up with the chapter, I actually had to head out to church for a storytelling ministry meeting.  We grabbed dinner at Potbelly’s by the church.  I ordered a chickpea veggie salad with red onion, egg, blue cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers.


When I got back to church to eat the salad, I used some fat free Catalina dressing from the kitchen.  Tasty.  We had a long meeting and discussed quite a few of the logistics of our ministry like which stories we want to gather, how we will do that, when, what medium we are going to publish in, etc.  When we wrapped up I came home to read more and then do the dishes.  Dessert cheered me up in the form of some butterscotch pudding with a glob of peanut butter, kind of like last night.


I could live in a vat of pudding.  Oh man.  Now it’s time to finish up some visual aids for my counseling session tomorrow and then head to bed.  Sleep well group.

Questions: What’s your favorite restaurant salad?
Do you like raisins or other dried fruits better?


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