Tuesday, September 25, 2012

[Overnight] Sensations

Lots of goodies have gone straight into my tummy lately.  Last Friday it was three kinds of delicious ice cream: gingersnap pumpkin, dark chocolate oreo marshmallow, and peanut butter chocolate.  I had mine in a homemade cookie bowl while Jack had the same three scoops but with Reese’s on the top and whipped cream.

photo (3)

Tonight’s dinner featured some honey lentils, courtesy of this recipe here.  I threw all the stuff together and then turned on the crockpot overnight.  There is something about waking up to a full pot of food that is seriously sensational.  I took some to lunch the other day but tonight I had them accompanied by a side of garlic buttered toast.  Honestly, the lentils are mighty tasty and I might even make them again.


Also tried out some new apple rings from Trader Joe’s.  I loved how thick they were.  So delicious!


Last night’s study treat was also scrumptious.  Carrot cake ice cream with a drizzle of maple syrup on top.  Oh heck yes.  I wanted a whole other bowl but I did more studying instead.


Today’s study break treat was a bite sized Snickers.  Brain food.


Finally, this past Sunday Jack and I resumed our football watching dates.  We hit up Buffalo Wild Wings for a three course, full length Redskins game meal.


We started off with their new molten buffalo chicken dip.  It was actually really interesting because you could seriously taste the celery mixed in.  I was so pleasantly surprised.


Then came our entrees.  I had the grilled chicken buffalitos bathed in spicy garlic wing sauce.  It had a wee bit more spice than I was anticipating but it was perfection none-the-less.  Potato wedges on the side.


Last but certainly not least was dessert in the form of some incredible nachos.  The best part was totally the fried cheesecake balls in the middle.  Oh yea.  You heard that right.


So, like I said, lots of goodies.  I now leave you with a non-edible goodie in the form of a semi-unusual Tune Tuesday entry.  I found this last night while I was procrastinating and it is absolutely gorgeous.  Take a moment, close your eyes, and bathe your soul in this beautiful duet.

Questions: Thoughts on fried cheesecake?
What’s your go to crockpot recipe?


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