Thursday, September 13, 2012


Tonight I tried a savory twist on pancakes thanks to this recipe for pizza pancakes.  I made mine with some unsweetened vanilla protein powder, nutritional yeast for the cheese element, some sautéed onion & mushroom spaghetti sauce, no pumpkin, two egg whites and only one tablespoon of extra fluid, and some spices: basil, onion powder, garlic powder, and salt.  I spent the whole cooking time trying to figure out what I wanted to top my pancakes with because I really despise dry pancakes.  In the end, just in time, I settled on some sour cream and balsamic vinegar (kind of like butter and syrup, huh?) with a dusting of Italian seasoning.


The verdict: they were super awesome.  I kind of want to make them again…right now.  Also, they’re super low in calories too.  The whole recipe with the nutritional yeast added in was 145 calories.  Add on another 30 for the sour cream and 5-10 for the balsamic vinegar.  Perfection on a plate.


I also had some rice cracker mix on the side for crunch.  Other eats of the day included a breakfast cake that I consumed wayyyy too quickly for a picture and a peanut butter yogurt mess with banana, wheat puffs, corn chex, coco puffs, and chia seeds.


Besides today’s food, the rest of the events revolved around counseling a metabolic patient this morning.  Felt great.  Then we had a journal club and embryology class where we covered the placenta, fetal membranes, and body cavity formation.  The rest of tonight will actually be spent working on embryology (vocab, processes, and drawing structures) and packing for my mini-vaca (aka overnight) camping with my dad this weekend.  Kind of pumped about that.  It was spur of the moment and I think it will be completely rejuvenating.  Can’t wait.

Questions: What would you put in your yogurt mess?
What is your go to crunchy snack?


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