Monday, September 3, 2012

September Wedding Weekend #1

This weekend Jack and I headed to the first of three weddings we have this month.  Crazy, right?  I guess we’re just that age.  This one involved our good swing friends Tyler and Heather.


As you can see they are happily married now.  It was a wonderful ceremony complete with lots of songs, prayers, and smiles.


They even had us all fill out cards with words of wisdom or positive messages for their guestbook.  Cutest part of this: Jack got really nervous to sign this because he didn’t want his handwriting to mess up the prettiness of what I had just written.  Awww, he concentrated so hard and it ended up just fine.  No messy “Jack” here!


The couple decided to take pictures after the whole service was finished so there was a lull of a little over an hour to kill before the reception.  The drive to the country club took about a half hour so Jack and I grabbed Starbucks to kill some time.


Venti mocha light frapp for him and a grande skinny vanilla latte with a pump of caramel syrup for me.  We chatted and I amused myself by blowing waves in the foam of my drink.


Yea, I’m easily impressed, huh?  Anyways, before we knew it we had to dash back to the car (to avoid as many of the raindrops as possible) for our short five minute jaunt to the club.  When we arrived we were greeted with an umbrella and a sign telling us we were in the right place.


Very few people we were there, even though we arrived on time, so we randomly picked a place to sit.  Thankfully some others sat with us but Jack and I were a bit worried for a while there that we would be the only people at our 8-top.  While we waited for dinner to start we munched on spinach parmesan dip and veggies while admiring our sweet favors.


There were also “reception distractions” to keep us occupied.  I rocked the hard sudoku in no time flat.


Notice the copyright sign at the bottom.  That’s because my boy decided to copy, that’s right, cheat!  Though he called it teamwork, lovingly enough.  He also cited me.  Haha.


We also had some mad drawing talent at the table too.  The young man next to Jack really knew how to draw and busied himself sketching the water glass.


Before we knew it, the dinner got rolling.  They had a buffet line with mixed greens, cheddar biscuits, twice baked potato casserole, carrots and green beans almondine, London broil, and spiral ham.


I tried a bit of everything.  Loved the potatoes and biscuits the best.  Figures I gravitated toward the carbs…  After dinner there were many, many, many speeches followed by cake cutting.


Tyler and Heather ended up choosing three flavors of cake: chocolate chip, vanilla, and some chocolate concoction.  Jack and I only got to try the first two because the caterers seemed to, for some unknown reason, slice a grand total of three pieces of the chocolate variety, and we missed all three.


The bites we did have were scrumptious though.  I really do love wedding cake and wedding frosting.  Nomnom.  The chocolate chip was the best though.  The cake essentially tasted like cookie dough.  I couldn’t ask for more!  After cake, we had a swing dance lesson.  Jack and I decided it would be best to join in after the lesson since we already know how to dance and the floor was rather small.  We did enjoy some dancing afterwards though.  A few good songs got us moving and we were complimented by one of the staff.  Kind of reminded us of the time we went to Jamaica and we were the first people out on the floor during the New Year’s Eve party.  For the rest of the trip we were called “the dancers” all around the resort and we were stopped and complimented several times a day. =P  It was a nice way to wrap up the night of a wonderful wedding day.



Other interesting things of the past couple unplugged days I’ve had include a delicious paleo “oatmeal” endeavor.  I might venture to say that it wasn’t really an oatmeal texture but more of a porridge one.  However, that didn’t stop me from absolutely loving it!  I paired it with some paleo almond butter and some not-so-paleo cookie butter remnants.


While I’m not going paleo by any means (Hello did you not just read about my potato and wedding cake relationship earlier?) I do try and figure out some recipes that I can use when Jack is around.  He tries to be paleo more often then not so it pays to have some options on hand.  Other yummy stuff include the berry hibiscus refresher from Starbucks.  Not too shabby my friends!


I ended up fishing out the berries at the end with my fingers.  They were delicious.  Also of note, our Labor Day pancakes this morning.  Chocolate protein powder cakes topped with mocha cappuccino hazelnut spread and peanut butter along with maple syrup and flax seed. 


Just look at the height on these bad boys?  They were a welcome sight coming home from a weights workout at the gym together.  Finally, on the weird side of things, I came across this sad sign last week.


Seriously, what male model allows their picture to be used for this kind of ad?  I know someone “has” to do it but damn, I feel kind of bad for the guy…  Anyways, moving on, I hope you have had a wonderful Labor Day.  I admit it’ll be nice to only have a four day week.  I’m finishing up Neuro clinic and starting Metabolism clinic this week.  Should be a packed couple of days.  Then it’s off to our second wedding weekend of the month.  I’m a bridesmaid in this one so that makes it incredibly easy to pack.  G’night one and all.  Catch you later!

Questions: What’s your favorite kind of wedding cake?
Would you pose for an anti-rape or STD public service announcement?


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