Monday, July 16, 2012


Why do Mondays always feel so sluggish??

Probably because when you’ve had a stellar, relaxing weekend, work just doesn’t rank high on your list of things to do.  My weekend was just that: super!  My church service was trilingual: English, Portuguese, and Dinka.  We had the bishops and the deans of the churches of Bor and Brazilia with us for a Sunday. They waited for 19 days in Nairobi to get their visas to come.  Now that is dedication.


After the church service, I got real friendly with a nice big plate of croissant French toast with candied pecans.  Oh yea, it was as great as it looks.


I also attended a really sweet wine festival.  It was held in a local arts district and was $15 for unlimited tastes.  Your price of admission got you a beautifully etched glass with which to taste…


…as well as some beautiful weather and live entertainment from Scars on 45.  By the way, I am now totally obsessed with this band.  I loved them and you will too when I give you a taste tomorrow for Tune Tuesday!


I also spent some time this weekend working on my neuro rotation assignment with the help of some Summer Shandy.  It definitely made it more bearable.


There was also a gorgeous sunset to witness too.


To go with the sunset I painted my nails oranges and pinks.  It was nice too since at the wine festival you’re always holding onto a glass.  Your nails need to look pretty, right?


So, you can obviously see why Monday for me was slow.  Work was long and the lab was incredibly warm and then patient prep went well but it was fairly intense.  When I got home I couldn’t even relax.  I had errands to run.  First up, bridesmaid dress fetching.  My friends wedding is in Sept and our dresses finally came in.  I had never tried this cut on before, nor had I seen the color, so it was all one big surprise to me.


Best thing: I LOVE the color.  I’m a sucker for orange.  Worst thing: It is tight as all get out and there is a massive amount of boning in the bodice.  Like when I sit down, which is a feat in and of itself unfortunately, I get poked a bit.  I guess I won’t be slouching at the wedding…not that I slouch normally.


With dress in hand (and my wallet $160 lighter) I ran to the post office to mail some books and then to Sam’s Club for some well priced apples and yummy orange grape tomatoes.  Then it was off to Walmart for a whole bunch of random things like apple chips, peanut butter, balsamic vinegar, and yogurt.  Finally, I hit up TJ’s for two blocks of tempeh and two kinds of goat cheese (creamy and crumbled).

By the time I got home it was well past what I was expecting.  I suppose I can’t expect to leave my house around 5p, get stuck in rush hour traffic, and do all my errands only to get home at a decent time.  Nope, I got home at 8p roughly and I was pretty hungry by that point.  I also didn’t want to do anything though so I scraped the idea of sautéing zucchini and mushrooms and warmed up chili instead.  I topped it with goat cheese and had a bagel with butter and garlic powder on the side.


Simple and quick and very minimal effort.  Just what I needed.  Now I need to go and work more on my neuro assignment.  Blah.  Plus I need to go and fight the urge to eat dessert.  Now that I know if I gain a single ounce that nice orange dress won’t fit, froyo and cake seem all the more appealing and all the more off limits.  Seriously having a Bride Wars moment.  First 30 seconds say it all.

Ugh.  Good night group!  Sleep well and have a lovely Tuesday.  Come back for some music that will ring in your ears, in the best way possible.

Question: Have you ever “altered yourself” for a piece of clothing?


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