Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hot Run, Cool Couch

Now it’s time for a WIAW Fourth of July edition!

As I mentioned earlier, I had the day off so I started it with a hot run outside.  I figured I should get out for at least part of the day and I felt like a day off from Insanity was warranted after my back was a bit twingy from the last work out.  I hadn’t run in a while so I figured I would do 30 minutes, 15 out then turn around and do 15 back.  Sadly, due to the heat and probably the lack of running for the past 1.5 months, I had to slow to a walk at 27 minutes.  Not bad but not 30.  I knew immediately that it was the correct decision though because I got dizzy as I walked.  Thankfully it went away but I was really, really hot.  It was, after all, around 90 degrees in the sun when I was running.  Thankfully nothing bad happened and I felt good after the run and on my walk home.  However, by the time I arrived back at my apartment I was way worn out.


Obviously right?  I decided to pick myself up with a nice batch of pancakes…with blueberries and granola like the ones from IHOP!  I used a chai latte protein powder base with some whole wheat flour and the granola was a vanilla almond crunch.  The cakes came out nicely and I topped them with a peanut butter maple glaze and chia seeds.


Delicious brunch to refuel and start my day.  Not that I really needed fuel for what ensued for the majority of the day.  I laid on the couch and cleared out my DVR.  Yep, that’s right.  Basically the whole afternoon.  I did do some financial aid calculations for next school year, to my credit.  So it wasn’t a complete loss.  I also worked on the catering menu for my grandpa’s 80th birthday while on the phone with my mom.  For a late afternoon lunch when I was getting hungry around two, I made myself a grilled cheese with pretzels on the side.  I also mixed cottage cheese with some sad looking fruit cocktail for something sweet.


My laziness persisted throughout the rest of the afternoon and late evening.  Around 6 I was hungry for dinner so I diced up veggies for a salad.  I rehydrated some TVP for protein on top and dressed the salad with raspberry vinaigrette.  On the side I had a serving of cucumber salad (inspired by the clan reunion) which came out awesome.  It’s seriously better the longer it sits.


After a short call with a friend from home to catch up on recent events, I did some food prep for tomorrow’s day at work and school (followed by a massage and chiropractic appointment and short-list grocery shopping since I’m in charge of refreshments for clinic on Friday) and read a bit.  I also experimented with a technique I read about today in my Google Reader perusing: whipped cream in a jar.  I had some old heavy whipping cream in my fridge which I was knew wasn’t fit for human consumption (it’s been around since my ice cream making session a while back) so I figured it couldn’t hurt to test with.  You start out with a small bit, like a half cup, of cream in a jar sealed tight.


Then you shake.  And shake.  And shake some more.  For about two to three minutes.  Then you get this greatness –>


I admit this cream was a bit broken but I attribute that to the cream being really old and broken from the start.  I can only imagine how yummy this would be with fresh cream.  Seriously, this is such a nifty idea though.  Imagine this for a party or something.  Talk about guest involvement or you could even distract some kiddos for a while with it!  After experimenting, I wanted something sweet so I grazed on the singular leftover cupcake I made for my co-workers.


It was divine.  I really must make red velvet cake again sometime.  I like it.  Now I’m off to hang out with some friends who have come over to share my balcony for the fireworks viewing that’s about to happen.  They’re bringing beer and I’m about to break into this bottle of Obsession wine.


Now, we have a date with the sparklers in the sky.  Hope you’re about to see some great fireworks too!  Happy 4th of July…again. But before I go, for real this time, I wanted to share some cute shots from the reunion that were taken by some other folks at the party.

Slide Show 1 #043

My parents smooching.

Slide Show 1 #044

Three generations of women.

Slide Show 1 #017

Oh, that’s love.

Slide Show 1 #107

Isn’t he GQ??

Slide Show 1 #177

The “Grand Poobah” herself.

Slide Show 1 #109

We promise we actually like each other.

Questions: Ever made whipped cream in a jar?
What is your favorite kind of cold salad (pasta, potato, cucumber, etc.)?


  1. I love making whipping cream like that. It's magical!

    1. It is pretty sweet. I've heard you can make butter like this too with some salt and a marble in the jar...

  2. I've never tried making my own whipped cream. My favorite cold salad is fruit and a quinoa black bean.

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  3. such cute family pictures! my favorite cold salad is definitely tuna (NO mayo - hate it!) but mixed with tons of mustard and hot sauce! :)

  4. I have never even heard of making whip cream in a jar but it looks great! Your parents smootching is soo cute!! :)


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