Sunday, July 8, 2012


I was going through my Google Reader this evening and I came across Healthy Diva’s post from earlier today and I thought I was go with it.  It’s all about splurge-worthy things based on this article here.  The original listed the following seven things as those you should spend your money on:

1. Kitchen renovationI would like to never have to renovate at all by just nipping this in the bud and designing my perfect kitchen from the start…but I guess that’s a splurge in and of itself.
2. Apple stockHaha, right. I’m kind of a PC girl but I do have an iTouch that I love.
3. Non stop flightConnecting flights aren’t awful but there is totally something to be said for getting on and getting off once each.  I will say though that if paying less for the flight (aka it’s not direct) means I get an extra day in paradise, or where ever the destination, I’m okay with that.
4. Digital SLR cameraOh this would be cool!
5. American Express premier rewards gold cardI’m actually pretty content with my credit card, thank you.
6. Cartier watchNo thanks, I am very happy with my beautiful Bulova big-girl watch.
7. Prix Fixe Fine Dining –  Fancy food? Heck yes, please count me in, eight times over.

Now, here are seven things I think are worth my money…if I had any to actually splurge with.

1. Kitchen suppliesI really want a Kitchenaid stand mixer and some other cool gadgets.  Basically, my mother has to keep telling me not to buy these things for myself because I  won’t have anything to put on my wedding registry.
2. FoodWhether this is another dinner out at BRU, a package of Gardenburgers for my freezer, or an afternoon froyo run with my classmates or city friends, I would love to have enough money to not worry about going out or buying exactly what I want at the store.
3. VacationsJack and I went to Jamaica for New Years between 2010 and 2011.  It was incredible and we had a wonderful time.  We were so rejuvenated by the end.  And I’m not even saying the vacation needs to be long and tropical, it can literally just be hanging out with my parents or my family or Jack’s family for some time away from school and stuff.  Days off are priceless.
4. Clinic clothesWhen you’re seeing patients daily and you have to look all nice and put together, having nice clothes that you feel comfortable in are a must have.  I totally want to expand my wardrobe so I have more options.
5. MassagesI get these in conjunction with my chiropractor appointments and I could not be happier about it.  It’s awesome to get a good loosening after all the workouts and backpack carrying.  I feel like a different woman when I wake up at the end of my 60 minutes.
6. Genetic counseling board examYes, this is a splurge. It’s literally >$1300 to take it once. That’s right, once. And you could potentially fail it and have to take it again. We students need to pass it to practice after graduation so for me it’s a splurge, a necessary splurge, because I can’t be what I want to be without kicking its butt!
7. Health insuranceI know this seems boring but given my horrible kidney issues I can’t take chances.  I would feel so much better knowing I’m covered and that I’m not going to have to maybe put my health on the backburner because of money.  No one should have to make that kind of decision.  (P.S. While I say I would splurge on this, I confess that being on my parent’s health insurance right now is a TOTAL Godsend. Thanks mom and dad.)

So, after reading the article and my picks, what are your splurge-worthy picks??  What in your life would you gladly spend your hard earned money on?  Speaking of hard earned money though, today I baked for the family I work for.  It was 90 degrees outside and I had two ovens going as I made a quadruple, yes X4, batch of chocolate chip cookies, a double batch of pinwheel cookie dough to chill, a double batch of cheese nips made with goat’s milk cheddar, and finally a double batch of Udi’s copycat gluten-free bread.  I was on a roll…and I was really warm.  I must say though, it’s a really fun gig I was super lucky to get.  I enjoy it and the family is just too cute and sweet and polite for words.  The little boy that I make all the baked goods for thanked me twice today.  How adorable!


After a whirlwind weekend of housewarming parties, giant, powerful, moving 3000+ people Episcopal eucharists (essentially the largest on the world that only occurs once every three years),


BRU Burger Bar dinners with visiting classmates,


crazy calorie-burning Insanity workouts,


and boyfriend made Sunday morning pancakes,


I’m off to bed for the night.  Some nice long hours of sleep will be appreciated for sure.  Sleep tight group and we’ll catch each other after the work week kicks off.  G’night!

Questions: What’s your go-to weekend breakfast food?
What’s the largest church service you have ever attended?


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