Thursday, July 5, 2012

Monday! No Wait, Thursday!

So who else felt like it was a Monday today?

I did, for one. =D

I realized, though, after being up for around an hour that I should embrace this feeling because instead of having five more days of the week, there were only two!  I’ll take an “early” weekend.  Sounds great to me.  Especially since this weekend is chalk full of awesome social events.  Friday night is a dinner date with Mitch (who went with me to Myriad) as a “welcome to my program and my city” meal.  He is spending six weeks here rotating in our pediatric clinic so I figured I would show him a good time.  Next, I work a big church convention on Saturday morning and then I get to go to Matt and Ashley’s housewarming party.  I need to pre-make some munchies for that tomorrow night.  Sunday is church and a baking appointment with the family I work for.  Also, I think Magic Mike movie night might happen with my girl co-workers.  Yay!!

Anyways, enough with the weekend plans.  I bet you’re wondering how my Monday-Thursday went.  Well, not too shabby on the whole I would say.  It started with a delicious breakfast: the return of the oatmeal in a jar.  This morning’s mix was half rolled oats, half steel-cut oats with some flax seed, chia, cinnamon, liquid Stevia, a dash of salt, and a 1/4 cup of cottage cheese swirled in in the end.  All this was in an Omega-3 JIF jar that was graciously donated by Jack for my OIAJ enjoyment.


The jar got demolished while I was checking my e-mail at work before getting down to business.


De-mol-ished.  It was good fuel though.  Kept me full all through the morning as Katelyn and I busted out 21 boxes of miscellaneous samples.  We were on fire.  We were also really tired.  I think it has to do something with staying up for these beauties:


I must admit I had a killer seat on my balcony.  I was cradled in my black moon chair with my feet propped up on the brick wall of my building in front of a wonderful fireworks display.


But back to the present, right? I had convinced myself during the morning that I had forgotten to turn off the stove before leaving the house so I left early from work and ran home to check.  Thankfully it was off but this little jaunt did mean that I ended up paying $8 for parking rather than $6.25.  How annoying!  By the time I got back to school I was more than ready for lunchtime.


I scarfed down my salad with southwest ranch dressing while I prepped a brand new patient that I received literally 20 minutes before I needed to present them.  This was because my original patient decided to cancel.  Oh well, sadly there wasn’t a whole bunch to learn about the new patient so I wasn’t a big help in preclinic conference.  I guess we’ll just see what happens tomorrow.

I bugged out pretty quickly after the meeting ended.  I didn’t want to pay more for parking and I figured I could copy Kayla’s neurology notes from the weeks I missed just as effectively at home as at my school desk.  I ended up doing so on my couch watching some Olympic trials swimming. Not a bad way to do so, huh?  Around four though I headed out for my massage and chiropractic appointment which was lovely.  I snacked on an apple in the car and was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the office because it seemed they had remodeled the whole house.  It looked great and was totally rearranged.  I liked it.

After my appointment, man my lower back was all sorts of messed up, I headed to Sam’s Club to gas up Greta.  They had the best gas prices by easily $0.40 a gallon.  I do loving filling up for less than most everyone else.  I then hit up Aldi for some ingredients for these beautiful crumb cake muffins I made courtesy of this recipe.


I wanted to bring coffee cake to clinic tomorrow, since I’m responsible for refreshments, but I didn’t want the mess of a whole one so muffins seemed like the perfect plan.  On my way home from my errands I was getting a bit hungry, for carbs.  I ended up putting away the groceries and then sautéed some onions, yellow peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, and grape tomatoes in sundried tomato infused oil.  I had garlic in there too and then added some boiled gnocchi, parmesan alfredo, and a bit of cottage cheese for protein.  The result: a delectable mish mash of carbs, veggies, and salty yummy sauce.


I loved it.  I could have eaten a whole three more bowls full.  Thankfully I didn’t have any leftovers to tempt myself with.  Good thing too because I may or may not have had a few licks of the crumb cake batter as I baked them after dinner.  It was perfection in batter form so I can only imagine what they’re going to be like tomorrow in clinic!

Now I’m off to ice my shins, pack up food for tomorrow, and get everything ready to go for clinic.  I hope you’ve had a wonderful Monday-Thursday and that your Friday is pretty stellar too.  Sleep well friends!

Questions: What do you like to cook when you’re craving carbs?
Have you been watching the Olympic trials?


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