Thursday, July 19, 2012

Global Fat Scale

I was messing around on the internet tonight when I got home from school and I ran across this interesting site that lets you compare your BMI to the rest of the world.  I know that BMI isn’t always accurate, take super athletic muscular individuals for example, but it is an interesting exercise none-the-less.  So I bellied up the bar, so-to-speak, and I put in my age/height/weight/gender/country of origin and checked out my results.
I’m a bit body conscious so I don’t want to show you my BMI part but I think these two stats say enough.  I’m below the average here in the US but just above the average for the world.  Interesting, right?  I guess that just speaks to the obesity epidemic in this country.
Apparently Lebanon and I are compatible, or at least the women in that age group and I are the most similar.  I wonder what they eat on a daily basis??  And perhaps the most interesting, fun, social, cocktail party fact of the whole thing:

That’s right.  28,821,574,000 pounds would be gone from the Earth.  Lordie, that’s a lot!  If this sounds kind of interesting to you and you want to try it out, click here, and see where you stand on the global fat scale.

Breakfast today came after an elliptical workout.  I felt a bit “draggy” this morning but I pushed through anyways.  My refueling meal was eaten in the shuttle on the way to work.  I had a chocolate protein maca breakfast cake topped with peanut butter, maple, and chia seeds.
I really do love this breakfast.  Seriously, I know I eat it a lot but that’s because it’s so awesome.  It keeps me full for a while too which is always helpful.  However, lately I have been close to insatiable.  I ended up getting hungry around 11a when I left work to go and do patient letters and prep.  I normally religiously wait until noon to even let myself think about food but I was really famished today.  I gave in and chomped away on my large salad of romaine, celery, carrots, mushrooms, beets, grape tomatoes, rehydrated TVP, and goat cheese (yay!).  I dressed it in raspberry vinaigrette.
I was really happy to have food in my tummy because I scarfed this down real quick.  It was perfect.  Cute confession: I save all the big chunks of goat cheese until the last couple bites.  I’ll eat all the little crumbs with the rest of the salad but I love it when the last bites have major goat cheese goodness in them.  =D
A half hour after lunch I had orientation for my next rotation: family cancer clinic.  This is essentially a “warm-up” for the other big cancer rotation that I’ll have in October.  With this rotation I’ll have patients on Monday and Wednesday mornings so my work schedule is going to take a major hit.  I actually am doing this cancer clinic in addition to my medical genetics clinic on Friday mornings.  That’s right, I’ll have probably 6ish patients a week.  Crazy.  My biggest challenge yet!
Preclinic conference came and went without much drama and we went on rounds.  We learned about  Beckwith–Wiedemann syndrome.  Main features include macroglossia (big tongue),  omphaloceles, and ear pits and creases.  Apparently the latter are most often associated with the type of BWS that is inherited rather than those cases that happen sporadically.  Interesting right?  We also discussed bone decay in the context of bilateral femoral head decay. I did some research and scientists think that this decay happens due lack of blood flow.  This lack of blood flow could happen because of a coagulopathy that the individual has too.  So it's kind of a big mess really.  You have a problem with extra clots and then that causes lack of flow to your hips and your bones decay.  What, what?
When I got back and started working on patient letters, I had some dried apple slices to tide me over and keep me focused.
Multiple hours later, and some neurology studying behind me, I whipped up dinner around 6p.  On my plate (and in my bowl too) was a piece of wheat toast slathered in creamy goat cheese and raspberry peach champagne jam along with some loaded mac and cheese with tuna.  In the mac: garlic, sautéed zucchini, green pepper, onion, and mushrooms.  I then added some chili powder and barbeque sauce.
FYI: the goat cheese and jam toast was beyond incredible.  Pretty sure I’m going to have a sandwich of this tomorrow for lunch.  Oh yes.  Anyways, after dinner I worked more on neurology studying only to have out a half hour later that the test was cancelled for tomorrow.  Woot, woot group!  I celebrated with two whole wheat fig bars smeared in peanut butter.
Chewy, smooth, creamy, and wonderful.  Perfect dessert to blog along too, let me tell you.  Now I’m off to finish a DVRed episode of Four Weddings before bed.  I get to sleep in until SEVEN tomorrow.  How stellar is that??
Questions: How do you load your mac and cheese?
Do you prefer dried apples or fresh ones?

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  1. That seems like a really interesting BMI stats website, I will have to check it out! Your breakfast looks fantastic, I haven't had Maca in a long time! My favorite thing to put in mac and cheese is tomatoes! :)


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