Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Scars on 45

I’m knee deep in my autism handout (my neurology rotation project) so I can’t spare a whole bunch of time tonight but I really wanted to share with you the greatness that is Scars on 45.  Seriously, you don’t want to miss this.  The first song below is a great slow soulful tune.  I could honestly listen to it on repeat.  The next one is a bit more upbeat and finally the third is their most famous one as it was featured on Grey’s Anatomy.  Big time, you know!

With those beauties out of the way, I’m going to finish up this handout (or at least get closer than I am now to being done) and then head to bed.  Tomorrow morning is taken up by a doctor’s appointment, which I am not looking forward to, and a meeting with one of my committee members to try and solidify a new graduate thesis for me, after the other one died a sad statistical death.  I must say though, I am bound to be sore in the AM.  I attended a free trial barre effect class tonight and I can really, really feel it.  I enjoyed the mix of pilates and ballet but I wonder how I’m going to feel when my alarm goes off and I need to get up to workout before Wednesday’s activities start…

Questions: Have you ever tried a barre effect class?
Who is your new favorite band?


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