Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Out On A Limb

First, this is another What I Ate Wednesday post! Yay.

Second, um, since when did The Weather Channel get a face lift?


I was more than surprise trying to fumble my way around the site this morning in a half-daze.  I just wanted to know what the temperature was and if it was going to rain.  Geeze, was that too much to ask?  Obviously I found what I was looking for but man, you never realize how much you’re used to one thing until it’s gone.  And yes, I know this is a rant about a weather website, so here, I’ll stop.  After all, how can one complain when there is this much sunshine around?


So, in other news, I woke up this morning feel utterly stuffed up.  Nothing was moving and it was the kind of sinus pressure that literally sends shooting pain into your skull every step you take.  I figured I would just have to roll with it because I had stuff to do at school so I put on presentable clothes and rewarmed my the oatmeal I made last night.  I stirred in some cottage cheese and dumped it into an old JIF jar.  OIAJ are really one of the greatest things ever.


Sadly when I got to the shuttle to take me to the medical center, I realized it was much much too hot out to be eating oatmeal that had just come off the stove.  I took a few bites, enough to keep me from getting sick because I had already taken my daily dose of vitamins, minerals, supplements, etc. and I tend to hurl if I don’t have food already in my stomach.  I then put it in my bag and let the whole jar cool for a bit until it was much less hot and I was already in the student room.  With this temperature issue rectified I demolished the whole thing and boy was it tasty.


I spent the majority of the morning studying/doing patient prep.  At eleven, I had a meeting with a biostatistician to talk about the effect size and power of my proposed thesis study.  After 50 minutes of bouncing ideas around and plugging in numbers it appears that in order to say anything worth saying I would have to collect 1000-1600 surveys.  Well, my friends, that is 100% out of the realm of possibilities so I’m a bit nervous.  I think this means I have to scrap the idea or really refine it somehow.  I have put this on the “to deal with after finals” list at this point.  I just don’t have the brain power right now. Cytogenetics is taking up all the room. 

Next up with Katie’s seminar.  She was the last of our second years to go and her talk was nice.  She did a case report so there was a lot of clinical info and lingo being thrown around.  We celebrated afterwards by going to a cool lunch spot downtown.  For my lunch I went out on a limb and ordered the Bleu Bliss sandwich with bleu cheese, almonds, honey, cranberries, black pepper, and Granny Smith apples.  I figured I like all those components separately so they should be alright together.  I was wrong, they weren’t just alright, they were stellar.


I secretly wanted my sandwich to be three times the size it came.  Nom.  Nom.  The sweet potato fries on the side had been talked up a bunch by my fellow classmates and they were okay but by the time the plates came out of the kitchen they were sort of mushy and cold.  I still ate them all mostly because I love sweet potato flavor but I couldn’t help but think that they had the same mouth feel as bagged sweet potato fries I could have in my freezer.  Oh well, the sandwich more than made up for it.

I walked home from the restaurant reveling in the sunshine thinking about all the possible awful things our professor could ask tomorrow on the exam.  I then thought that was much too depressing so I hooked up my iTouch and rocked out to Parachute for the remainder of the walk.  I only had about a half an hour once I got home before I needed to leave again and while I should have been studying, I didn’t.  I surfed the internet instead.  Then, on the way to my massage and chiropractic appointment, I sported an iced coffee I made from home.


Honestly I don’t normally drink iced coffee, in fact this was also way out on a limb for me but I was kind of craving one.  I think it had something to do with reading this article before heading out.


I had forgotten that my normal masseuse, Heather, was on a leave of absence.


So basically I was surprised for a brief moment to meet my new therapist.  Jacqui did really well.  I find it fascinating how different massages can be when they’re being done by people who have been trained the same way.  I had an adjustment after my massage and it took forever.  You could really tell that I hadn’t been thrown into whack in over a month!  Also, my chiropractor used the “thumper” on my sinuses to help decongest me.  It worked wonders.


I drove my super relaxed self home and got back to studying.  I did a bunch of work on reciprocal translocation segregation before heading to the gym.


I did some abs before doing the elliptical for 18 minutes and the stationary bike for another 18 minutes.  My notes were my workout partner.  When I came back to the apartment it was already super late so I made up some ranch cottage cheese with orange pepper and celery on the side and grapes too.


It was a nice little something before I had to get back to being a studious person.  In fact, I should get on that shouldn’t I?  Yea, alright.  Later group.  I’ll see you all after my final tomorrow.  I can’t wait to be done!

Questions: What’s your favorite way to eat cottage cheese?
How do you take your iced coffee?


  1. Me no like the new weather channel! I swear just yesterday I was on it and it looked nothing like that! Yum- OIAJ!

  2. sweet potato fries are my weakness :-O
    love oats in a jar too! :)

  3. I usually just eat cottage cheese with fruit -- like pineapple or sliced tomatoes or applesauce, like a little kid. It honestly never occurred to me to try it any other way. I'll have to look up some recipes!


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