Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nacho Regular Workout

Today was nacho day at work.  Man, by the time lunch rolled around I was super hungry so this big batch didn’t last long.  I skipped the meat and just had beans instead with some Mexican rice as well.  Ranchero sauce, sour cream, nacho cheese, and salsa topped it off.  Nomnom!


I promise they weren’t as bad as they looked.  I mean I did have lettuce and tomato on there too…

Anyways, I’m sorry that’s all I photographed for the day.  I feel like today was hectic and sort of fast paced.  Even my workout was upbeat.  I decided to skip my traditional go-to cardio routine and instead utilize the glorious wealth of YouTube.  I did a HIIT workout followed by a 20/20 workout.

I was sooooo sweaty people.  It was crazy.  I was really tired afterwards too.  My legs were screaming!  Good times, right?


I thought so.  Seriously though, I carried that energy right into teratogen summary work and I managed to edit my whole chloroform one and make my Toradol® one submission ready for changes from my supervisor.  On fire I tell you.  Speaking of, I think need some of the last chapters of Divergent in my life…

Questions: How was your hump day?
What was your favorite eat today?


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