Thursday, May 31, 2012

You Want Me To Shred What?

Sorry I haven’t been around a bunch this week.  My life has been consumed with GYN appointments, lots of work, and all my teratogen summaries.  Thankfully I officially completed my teratogen rotation this afternoon as I turned in all these babies to my supervisor.


I killed so many trees…


But hey, it’s over, they’re done, and I’m free of that load of work.  To celebrate, and really because tomorrow’s clinic refreshments are “pitch-in” style, I decided to whip up some carrot muffins tonight (based on this recipe).  I mean, let’s face it.  I’m in love with carrot cake so naturally these muffins and I get along really, really well.  Though, about three seconds thirteen minutes into things, I remembered why I so rarely make carrot muffins…


Shredding is stupid.  Necessary but stupid.  After that was finally done I folded them, or rather whisked them, into the liquid part of my batter.


I love how pretty it looked!! I followed the recipe pretty closely but I only used four tbsp (not five) of oil and I chose the COCONUT kind for some added flavor and goodness.  Also cut the sugar in half by using Stevia for the other half and used unsweetened vanilla almond milk plus a mix of 75% whole wheat flour and 25% all purpose.  Finally, I added several dashes of nutmeg, allspice, and ginger in addition to the called-for cinnamon.


The results were incredibly smell-good!  Yes, I just made that up but seriously, you should have been in my apartment.  Nomnom!  I can’t wait to dig into these suckers tomorrow in-between my 9am and 11am patients.  The muffins are only 125 calories a piece with 3g of protein.  Not too shabby.

Now I would stick around for a bit and chat but Insurgent is calling me, mostly because it’s good but also a bit because I need to finish it.  My copy of Fifty Shades of Grey came in the mail yesterday and the ladies in my lab are RAVING about it so I need to get on that boat before it sails away… Can’t wait!

Questions: Have you indulged in the Fifty Shades trilogy?
What is your favorite kind of muffin?

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  1. The muffins look good. I dunno about Fifty Shades. I've read some excerpts and was skeptical. It looked like it needed a good editing. I worried that would be too distracting to enjoy the story. Maybe I saw a pre-edited version. Let us know if it's any good.


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