Friday, June 1, 2012

Pick Me, Pick Me

Friday, Friday, Friday.

That means clinic!

I had a power breakfast of a peanut butter mocha green monster.  In the mix: spinach, PB2, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, chocolate protein powder, flax seed, and frozen banana.


It was delicious while I was drinking it but then a bit after I’ll admit I started to feel a wee bit sick.  Not really sure why.  That yucky feeling persisted during 8am class which was on mitochondria and the inheritance thereof.  There was a lot of note taking and a lot of question answering.  9am rolled around and I was all ready for my patient and they weren’t around so I whipped out Insurgent and read a few pages.  A few turned into a bunch and around 9:40 my patient finally showed.  Sadly, today was rife with insurance company woes.  Being told you can't order tests that you feel a patient so clearly needs is frustrating.  Same thing happened to my next patient.  Boo insurance!!!

With being late to my second appointment I didn’t get a chance to eat more than five strawberries while in clinic though, believe me, there were some great looking choices.  I turned out giant chocolate chip cookies, lemon pound cake, a homemade baguette, baja barbeque chips, and two kinds of hummus.  Sadly, this made me incredibly hungry by the time I got back to the student room around 1:30.  I immediately grabbed my salad and through on the dry ingredients I keep separate (nooch, wheat germ, salad seasoning, and honey roasted peanuts for crunch) and the raspberry vinaigrette. 


I’m not sure I’m 100% sold on the dressing.  It’s a new-to-me one from Great Value but I think it’s a little weak on flavor.  You can taste it, sure, but maybe I just prefer bolder flavors like ranch and French.  Perhaps I should use it as a marinade…

As I ate I typed up my two reports for the day.  I finished one but didn’t make it all the way to the end of the other by the time post clinic conference came around.  When I had presented my patients there I headed back for more work and not thirty minutes later, the best thing happened: a man from the cytogenetics lab upstairs came down.  Now, please understand, most of the time when someone from the cyto lab comes into the student room they are swarmed.  Thankfully it was only Kayla and myself in the room so when he asked who wanted their chromosomes done, I was the logical choice, the only choice, because Kayla already had hers done.  I all but lunged at the chance say “pick me, pick me”.  That’s right peeps, I’m getting my own, individual, specific-to-me, personal


Can you tell I’m a bit excited?  Oh yes, I am.  My blood/DNA will be used as a control sample for the lab’s Fanconi anemia test.  In exchange for our use as a control, we get our karyotypes for free.  Which is awesome, totally awesome.  I must say though, I am a tiny, tiny, eensy-weensy bit worried that I might be a carrier of a balanced translocation.

The significance of something like that would be the chances of me having children with unbalanced translocation which are either viable (most likely with medical concerns) or unviable (aka miscarriages or stillbirths).

Like I said, it’s a small chance and I’ll admit I totally wasn’t worried about it until I filled up these tubes with my blood and handed them off to the lab tech.


So now it’s a waiting game.  Should be back next week sometime or maybe the week after.  And it just occurred to me: this is a stellar birthday present!!  I may actually be presented with my karyotype on the 11th, my 24th birthday.  Coolness.  Anyways, that whole blood draw endeavor distracted me from work for a bit but I managed to get things faxed to primary care physicians before heading to the shuttle to avoid the threatening skies.  When I got to the van I snacked on one of my carrot muffins.


I had been debating if I was hungry or not for a while and I finally broke down and ate.  I’m glad I did because the muffin really hit the spot.  I think it may have had a bit too much ginger or allspice in the mix but it certainly wasn’t enough to care much about.  I got a bunch of compliments from the people in clinic who sampled them too.  This munchie held me over until I finished my fifth day of Insanity with a “pure cardio” workout.  Craziness, no breaks, holy smokes.  Ugh.  I was more than happy to be done with that one.  I refueled with an awesome tuna salad quesadilla and apples/a pickle on the side.


Man, the gooeyness was all sorts of happiness.  Definitely made my palate happy.


After dinner I finished off Insurgent and settled in to check out the series premiere of a new CW television show.


Yup, I’m watching a show about ballet dancers and I am pretty sucked in to the drama.  As if I legitimately need another show on my DVR.  Oh well, it’s happening!  While I watched I enjoyed a beer.


And now I’m about to take pajama-ed self and my half full beer to bed so I can get started on my new book…


Who’s excited?  This girl.  Good night one and all, I hope your Friday was as awesome as mine!  And may your weekend rock your socks.

Friday French –>
Phrase: FolieTranslation: Insanity
Story: Two words: Work. Out.

Je vais mourir maintenant.Translation: I am going to die right now.
Story: By the time you get to the end of the Insanity work outs, you’re begging for mercy and feeling like you’re gonna die.  You don’t, but you hurt so much you’re fairly convinced.

Questions: Have you ever had any genetic testing?
What is your favorite add-in to tuna salad?


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