Thursday, June 14, 2012

Strawberry Festival

Instead of going to work this morning, I worked the 47th annual Strawberry Festival put on by the Cathedral women.  Today, on this festival occasion, we historically sell 18,000 strawberry shortcakes.  That’s right, eighteen thousand!!!  I was on the ice cream station of one of many serving lines.  It was a great opportunity to hang out with some wonderful women and serve up some smiles.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole time I spent at the festival.  I worked in “carry out” where we put together large orders (we’re talking people came from their offices and were ordering 20-40 for their co-workers) instead of serving up singles.  When I needed to get heading to school for preclinic conference, I used my volunteer ticket to score myself a shortcake with the works: biscuit, sauced strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream.

2012-06-14 09.35.022012-06-14 11.38.20

I then made my way upstairs to sit on the circle outside with all the crazy lunch lines.  It was amazing how many people turned out.  I was so incredibly taken aback.  While I savored each and every bite of my shortcake concoction, I spent some quality time people watching.

2012-06-14 11.37.472012-06-14 11.37.522012-06-14 11.37.57

And before I knew it I had cleaned my “bowl” and was a very, very happy camper.

2012-06-14 11.46.402012-06-14 11.41.38

I kind of wish things like this happened every day.  It was uplifting and fun and a great social event.  Plus, having strawberry shortcakes never hurt anyone.  I hope your day was as glorious as mine.

Question: How are you spending this weekend's Father’s Day?


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