Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pesto Pizza Please

Guess who came for dinner tonight?  Mary!!  Long time no see, my dear, long time no see.  It is always great to catch up and have some time to talk.  We’re very similar in a lot of things so I think we have an ease about us.  We ate some homemade pizza with a pesto drizzle as we chatted.

2012-06-13 19.34.58

She was apartment moving today so we were fairly low-key which worked well since I had been in and out of work, patient prep, chiropractor appointments, and massages all day.  I wasn’t up for a whole bunch therefore this was perfection.  Other eats today included a glorious chocolate peanut butter milkshake smoothie to refuel after doing Insanity’s Pure Cardio workout at 6am.

2012-06-13 07.24.14

Later I had a much needed lunch of blueberries, chex mix, special K crackers, and a tuna salad sandwich with Swiss.


This lovely spread hit the spot and kept me full and focused (thank you Mini Wheat commercial) through the afternoon as I did some prep and filled out all sorts of travel forms for the National Society of Genetic Counselors Annual Meeting in October.  I can’t wait, but speaking of travel, I go to Myriad in 7 days!!  I can hardly stand it!  It is going to be the chance of a lifetime.

On my way to the chiropractor/masseuse I snacked on a chocolate peanut butter “nutrition” bar to hold me over until dinner.  It was a good thing I did because Dr. J was running late so I wasn’t seen until 40 minutes after my appointment time.  Therefore dinner was late and I was famished.

2012-06-13 16.22.29

So, now that you know my eats, you should know my thoughts for the day…or rather singular notable thought: I use the word “cool” in a way that is completely different than most other people.  I, and my fellow classmates usually, use “cool” to mean interesting or “man I’m jealous I’m not seeing that patient/condition/thing”.  Typically people use “cool” to mean wow or “I want that/one/some”. So obviously when I say "cool” to something awful like a diagnosis of a lethal condition, I’m not saying “man I want in on that party” but rather “neat, I would really love to share in that counseling experience”.  So, FYI group, I mean no disrespect, I just use the word differently.  I think Mary explained it well: it just means I have passion for what I do and that I crave that breadth of experience.  Yes, please, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Now I’m off learn more about atypical Rett syndrome and the genetics of behavioral problems (haha, right) and muscular dystrophy.  Later I might get to read a few pages of Fifty Shades Freed but I’m not counting on it.  I need sleep because tomorrow morning I’m working the Strawberry Festival and it’s about to be awesome!!!!

Questions: What does the word “cool” mean to you?
What is your favorite milkshake smoothie recipe?


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