Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bon Voyage

Look who was out and about this morning: window washers!  Good thing I figured this out before I showered after Insanity…


Now onto the fun stuff!!!  Would you just look at the weather for Salt Lake City?  The next couple days I’m there are supposed to be blistering.  We’re going hiking on Friday.  If I don’t blog, you’ll know I’ve died somewhere in a Utah park…


Just kidding, though really, I probably won’t have time (or internet access) to blog while I’m away at Myriad Genetics so I promise to give you all sorts of goodies and updates when I get back.  Can’t wait.  Now me, my suitcase, and my purse are hitting the road. We have a plane to catch my dears!  And we cannot wait to be there.

Questions: Where was the last place you traveled to?


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