Sunday, June 24, 2012

Productive, No…

Today was a nice day but it was far from productive.  I suppose that’s okay but really I need to jump on this autism genetics paper.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.  In fact, it really needs to be because due dates and deadlines wait for no one.

I woke up around 9am this morning, after a blissful 9.5 hours of sleep in my own bed, and made a light breakfast.  I mixed cottage cheese and bananas along with some chia seeds.  It felt nice to have a normal breakfast again.


After breakfast I shuffled over to church for the 10am service.  I got a little lost in the sermon, I’ll admit, but somehow I think the main idea was that God isn’t the storm but rather He is in the boat with us in the midst of the storm and He rides it out with us even though He has the power to still the wind and rain.  He takes on our mortality so we are never alone.  He is always with us.

Once church was over I meandered around the mall for a few minutes and ended up grabbing a new pair of sunglasses. My old ones have been broken for far too long so it was time.


I hit up the grocery store next.  I did a pretty good job of clearing out my fridge before I left for Salt Lake so when I got back things were a bit sparse.  I needed produce badly and some cheese for sandwiches wouldn’t hurt either.  I ended up with a major score on blueberries too: $3 for 2lbs…can’t beat that with a stick!  Once I got home from all the errands, I was pretty hungry and grilled cheese was calling my name.  I added sweet & spicy mustard as well as some sandwich spread (basically mayo, ketchup, and relish mixed together, weird but delicious) for flavor and it was great.  I also sliced up an apple to go on the side along with some sourdough pretzels.


I spent the rest of my afternoon watching TV, enjoying the sunshine, and doing all sorts of stuff besides my paper.  I even did laundry to avoid research.  Then I got my head on straight and kind of started doing a bit of reading on autism genetics.  I wasn’t devoting a whole lot of attention so I didn’t make a whole ton of progress.  Whoops.  In the middle of an article my tummy interrupted me.  Salad time!  I lightly coated it in my own goddess dressing and dug in.  Yum!


Pretty sure my body is thanking me for all the veggies and fruits today.  Been a while since it’s had a good influx, huh?  After dinner I continued to half-heartedly do my work while watching more DVRed shows and a few hours later I was hungry for sweets.  I crushed the craving with a small respectable snack of tapioca pudding with some white chocolate chips eaten by sunset.  Nomnom!


It’s funny routines are so comforting.  After having a day back in my own apartment, eating and preparing my own food, and cleaning out my DVR, I feel rejuvenated and a bit more ready to take on the week.  Really I just need to make it to Friday because Jack and I are heading to a family reunion which will be a fun mini-vacation.  For now, friends, I’m off to ice my shins and get some more sleep but before I run along I wanted to recommend this very cute article that will restore your faith in humanity.

Questions: How do you get your motivation back on an “off” day?
What are your secret grilled cheese ingredients?


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