Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pearly Whites

Another day another dollar, or so they say.  I certainly earned it today for sure.  I spent the whole day in the freezer room relabeling tubes.  Sadness but at least Phillip and I had some good conversation.  Funny topics are probably the only things that keep us sane during hours of scanning frozen tubes.

Anyways, the day started off with another grand breakfast cake this time topped with lots of Nutella and the other typical things like maple, chia, and flax.  Delicious.


Lunch break at work saw a red curry TVP salad sandwich, grapes, and tomatoes being devoured.  I mixed a tablespoon light mayo, a tablespoon greek yogurt, and a heaping 1/2 teaspoon of red curry along with some rehydrated TVP flavored with liquid aminos (soy sauce substitute), worchestershire sauce, sriracha, and onion/garlic powder.  The result was an incredibly tasty schmear.  =D


This held me over well through my afternoon activities, the most important and notable being my first dentist appointment in about two and a half years.  I know that sounds awful and believe me, it wasn’t planned.  It’s harder to see the dentist when they’re at home and you’re at college and moving and such.  So I was a bit nervous going today because I was afraid something would have gone wrong on the last few years without cleanings.  Anyways, I killed some time in the waiting room with some light reading.  I thought it was funny that I chose a page about popcorn while sitting in the dentist’s lobby…


When I went back for my cleaning everything was happily perfect.  I had a whole bunch of x-rays taken, 18 to be exact, and then a scrub and polish so to speak.  The doctor remarked that I had two late coming wisdom teeth that may need to be removed at some point in the future whenever I had the time.  No rush though.


In the end I walked out with a beautifully clean and cavity free smile.  That makes 23 years!


I walked home from the office and started some homework and then snacked on a whole wheat fig bar before heading to the fitness center.


I did a full 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by some intense weights.  I felt so good that I got a little over zealous and though I was only supposed to go through this supersets workout twice, I did it three times.


Sweaty and tired I went home for some scrumptious dinner.  I whipped up my own version of Jack’s dad’s sweet potato/bacon/red pepper dish from last Christmas.  I’ll be posting the recipe sometime this weekend so check for it then.  Until now Just check it out –>


I paired it with a tuna salad quesadilla.  I loved every bunch and I’m pretty pumped with my decision to make a big batch of the tuna salad because you can bet I’m having this tomorrow for lunch!


After dinner I showered and “met” or rather Skyped with my nutritionist Annette.  We talked about a whole range of issues and basically just touched base.  We hadn’t spoken in a while so it was nice to see each other tonight.  After the appointment I was hankering for something sweet so I went for a brownie with ice cream.  Fairly standard right?  Not when you soak the brownie in a bit of Disaronno.  Oh yea.


Now I’m going to ice my shins and get some shut eye.  Before I go though, I owe you a tune for Tuesday.  Check out this one that I jammed to in the shower.  Haha.

Questions: When was your last dentist appointment?
When was the last time you had a fig newton?


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