Thursday, May 24, 2012

Manicure Me

Ever had one of those days where you found so many more reasons to love your coworkers?  Well, I hope you have because today was one of those days for me and it was awesome.  Despite the fact that I spent the whole morning on my feet amid cockroaches and dusty old rusty pipes, I have a wonderful time.  We laughed.  We giggled.  We probably divulged too much but it was all in good fun.  Made the time fly.

My mood was slightly saddened by lunch though.  First, I had to eat alone because all my coworkers went to the hospital cafeteria for lunch.  I didn’t have the time due to preclinic in less than a half hour so I wasn’t super pumped to eat by myself.  Second, my salad was not delicious.  It wasn’t really even tasty.  It probably had to do with the fact that this baby sat in a fridge for two days.  Everything tasted pretty similar, not freshness, no individual tastes of the veggies.  Honestly, not even salt and pepper could save this salad… Believe me, I tried it.


After lunch preclinic happened and I was not as well prepared as usual.  One of my patients needs an interpreter so I didn’t call them beforehand and the other I called yesterday but didn’t get a chance to connect with them.  They apparently called this morning while I was across the street at work and said they were coming but that they couldn’t answer any questions today.  So yea, I went into preclinic kind of naked on the information front.  To make things worse, the referral reasons for the both of my patients wasn’t super specific either.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

The next thing that happened really ruined my day though.  I went to catch the 4p bus and it wasn’t there, and it didn’t come.  Not until I called the dispatch for the company and complained.  Then a bus came around, a full forty minutes after I had started waiting.  I was less than pleased and all the bus driver could say was “Are you going to complain us?” Yes, that’s not grammatically correct but the driver is from another country so I let it go though every part of me wanted to correct him.  Anyways, I wasn’t in a great mood when I finally got home.  I figured some exercise would be good so I did 45-50 minutes of toning/cardio circuit training with Sexy Circuit by Flirty Girl Fitness.  Then I did another 20 minutes of cardio on the bike in the fitness center.  I started Insurgent (the sequel to Divergent) while I was pedaling and I am already sucked in.  It picks up right where the first one left off and I was already raring to go!

After my workout, my shower, and some chow I decided to return myself to that good day good feeling with a manicure.  But not just any manicure, an ORANGE one!!  I used this trick I found on Pinterest to help me out.  While I can freehand it, it’s much easier to not have to be so steady the whole time.


One thing: when I pulled off the hole guards I had to edge some of the nails with a toothpick.  Basically some of the color bled a bit underneath the guards but it honestly came off really easy.  I love the crisp edges.  I am very pleased with results and honestly, anytime my nails are done, I feel better.  More put together if you will.  =D  And now I’m off to sleep.  8am class is coming wayyy too quickly!  On a happier note though, this weekend is a family weekend!!

Questions: What color would you use for your nontraditional manicure?
What are your plans for Memorial Day weekend?


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