Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Heart Is Red [Curry]

Yesterday was a day spent at home filling my brain with all sorts of facts about cancer and different kinds of tumors.  It all started when I woke up and crunched on a caramel rice cake before going to the fitness center.


I also did some Jillian Michael abs along with my 30 minutes of elliptical.  I was plenty wiped by the time I hopped into my shower.  When I emerged all clean and pretty I whipped up some pancakes for bunch.  I used Julie’s recipe for banana protein pancakes but I made them without the blender because I didn’t feel like cleaning Vera, the Vitamix.


Those suckers cooked up nice and thick and hearty.  I topped two of mine with Biscoff, chia, and flax seed.  The whole plate was finished off with some maple syrup.  I loved ‘em.


I spent the early afternoon studying.  Big surprise right?  By the time I had taken a nap and stuffed as many facts as humanly possible into my mind I was hungry for a late lunch.  I decided a grilled cheese sounded like the best thing in the world but I wanted to make it special.  To that effect I tried my hand at some red curry mayo like the crack dip from a week or so ago.


May I just say that this stuff was awesome and so simple: a tbsp of light mayo mixed with a 1/2 tsp of red curry paste.  I slathered this stuff on some bread and sliced up a tomato.  I also managed to blindly lop off exactly one ounce of sharp cheddar cheese.


I added some jack cheese as well and threw this sucker on the Foreman grill.  I then cut up an apple with peanut butter on the side.  The sandwich was outrageous though I must say that I haven’t mastered the art of including tomatoes in a grilled cheese without it being all watery.  Maybe I should seed the tomatoes first…


When I finished I sadly had to get back to studying though I failed pretty miserably for a while at it.  I’m fairly sure I found every excuse under the sun to not read my notes.  I eventually got back on track for a while and then before I knew it my tummy was rumbling and it was time for a dinner break.  I settled on a salad and and added some honey roasted peanuts for crunch.


I was again in a red curry mood so I made my own dressing by adding a tablespoon of sour cream and almond milk to the red curry mayo “recipe” above.  I dumped it on the salad and shook it all up then popped a cream soda out of the fridge.


I thought some Grey’s Anatomy would go wonderfully with my salad as part of my study break so I warmed up the DVR and relaxed for a bit.  This time was 100% needed and 100% appreciated.


Sadly, that made it 100% harder to get back to studying afterwards.  I did manage to do it but I needed some help around 10p to get through the last bit.  Enter sour jellybeans and a Peepster.


By 11:45 I was in bed practically falling asleep and drooling on my notebook.  So I called it a night and just prayed really hard for the best.  When I woke up this morning I was feeling mighty ambivalent toward the whole thing.  I threw on jeans and a sweatshirt, grabbed the leftover pancake from yesterday morning (topped with walnut butter, syrup, chia, and flax seed), and caught the 7:30a shuttle to school.


Final number one, cancer genetics, happened at 8am and I was done and out of there by 9:20a.  I will say it was easier than the midterm.  It had more straight forward questions though some of the short answers I think I stretched on.  Oh well, the long and the short of it is I’m done with that class.  I thought I would come back to the student room and start studying for cytogenetics (final on Thursday) but I was wrong.  I read up on ataxia, or inability to coordinate movement, and muscle weakness instead.  Unfortunately after a good 1.5 hours I feel like I’m not much closer to a great understanding than when I started.

When patient prep was finished I tried to convince myself that studying was the better option.  But really lunch and my thesis proposal won out.  I had some left over pizza from when I had my co-workers over while I edited.


Then I submitted a nice copy of the proposal to all of my committee members and our departmental oversight.  I’m pleased with it.  The most exciting news to report is that my survey is now officially multi-site.  Not only am I using an infertility center around here but I have two others from across the country signed on to participate as well.  How cool is that?  That’s not all either, the embryologist on my committee is asking other colleagues too so I may get more sites to boot!  Basically being multi-site is incredibly important because it gives you a much larger and more diverse patient population.  It theoretically allows you to be more confident in generalizing your data to some degree.  So yea, bottom line = stoked!

Finally I got around to studying with a bit of chat thrown in.  Okay, so I chatted probably 80% of the remaining time but hey, that still means I studied for at least 20% right??  I then caught the shuttle home at 4p amid the pouring rain and crackling thunder.  I snacked on an apple when I got home.


And now I’m once again telling myself that I should really go and study cytogenetics.  I think maybe I’ll work out first…

Questions: What do you do to procrastinate?
Do you like leftover pizza hot or cold?


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