Sunday, April 22, 2012

And The Thunder Rolls

What a weekend!

Thunder Over Louisville was so great.


We had a lovely time hanging out with friends (Aaron and Anna) and watching some of the best fireworks of our lives.


We arrived in Kentucky on Saturday just in time for lunch.  Ethiopian was on the menu.  We didn’t know what we wanted to order so we talked to the owner and basically said “make us a foursome platter with anything but red meat and go heavy on the vegetarian”.  We ended up with lots of lentils, amazing mushrooms, terrific fish, and some salad.  The whole thing was served with injera (a cross between spongy bread and a tortilla wrap) and it was a finger-food free-for-all.


We obviously really liked it which was a relief because I haven’t had the best experiences with Ethiopian food before.  This time around it was much, much better!


Afterwards, we headed to stake out our place for the airshow.  It was a bit chilly, okay it was downright cold. so we took the first shift up and moving around.  We got walked to the street with all the vendors to check out the food to warm up a bit.


A funnel cake and turkey leg later we sat down and watched the planes (and Jack napped) fly overhead.  The weirdest part was how far behind the plane the sound travelled.  If you looked where you heard the sound, the plane was at least half your vision field away.  It was crazy!


Around 7p we were just too cold to wait another solid two hours before the fireworks show so we headed out for dinner.  We ended up at a little local place and I ordered a grilled cheese with hash browns and onions on the side.  It was beyond greasy but okay overall.  Jack got a double bacon cheeseburger and he liked his much better than I did mine.


Warmed to the core we braved the cold again and caught the incredible fireworks show.


What an incredible sight!  There were legitimately moments when your whole body shook.  It was so cool.  The entire show was set to music and there were some dance-in-your-seat songs for sure.  After the show ended (with one heck of a bang) Anna and I were craving some ice cream so we stopped on the way home for our fix.


I couldn’t believe how great my love shack sundae was.  (Jack’s was also delish!)  The dulce de leche salted ice cream was beyond yummy and the chess bars were to die for.  I was in heaven at 10:30 at night.  Before bed, we paired our sweet treats with a movie.


If you haven’t ever seen Crazy Stupid Love I would definitely recommend it.  I laughed pretty hard and it was a sweet flick.  Shortly after the credits rolled we crashed hardcore.  Jack and I had brunch plans with my old roommate Molly early in the morning so we only got about 6 hours of sleep however breakfast was totally worth it.  I ordered the a different signature French toast dish than last time and it was just as stellar delicious!


Jack got a more protein-y breakfast but it was equally as good.  The fried green tomatoes were unreal.


True to form we order a derby pie milkshake for the road.  Like last time it was like drinking a pie of pie which really isn’t ever a bad thing.  It made the trip back home way better.


When we arrived back at the apartment I headed out to a breast cancer support group for class.  Only two people showed up but it was worth it.  The women we met were so nice and had such encouraging stories.  Back on my own turf I hit up the gym for a 30 minute elliptical session.  Following a quick shower Jack and I walked to a lounge downtown for dinner.  I wasn’t about to cook and we had $60 free money to spend.  I ordered an angel martini (vanilla vodka, amaretto, and whipped cream) when I sat down and Jack had a new beer.


We perused the menu and ordered the jerk chicken skewers on a bed of sweet potato chips for an appetizers while we decided on entrees.


The best part was 100% the red curry mayonnaise.  I wanted more and I think I’m going to whip it up in my own apartment because I need more of this in my life.  The chicken was well seasoned and the chips were flaky thin and perfectly crisp.  The ones at the bottom were a bit oily but overall this was a great way to start the meal.  For my main dish I had high hopes for the shrimp and grits.


Sadly, the dish fell pretty flat.  I had to season the heck out of it (we’re talking lots of salt and pepper) because the shrimp was completely tasteless and the grits had no seasoning.  Also, the greens had some limp bacon in them and were so watery that it completely washed out the plate.  Oh well…  Jack’s filet was pretty good though so perhaps the lounge won back some points there.


We tried dessert in the form of chocolate peanut butter lava cake with ice cream.


It was alright.  It wasn’t stellar though.  In my opinion it was messy and nothing that I couldn’t slap together in my kitchen in five minutes.  I could probably make it better actually and for half the cost.  All in all though, it was a decent night out.  It comes down to two things: 1) I didn’t have to cook or do dishes and 2) All the food was free and we only paid for the drinks.  I suppose I can’t complain too much then.  Now I’m off to study and sleep.  This week has a final in it come Thursday.  It’s that time, isn’t it?  Blah!

Questions: What’s the most disappointing restaurant dish you’ve ever had?
What was the best fireworks show you’ve ever seen?


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