Friday, April 20, 2012

B to the R to the U

I had a lovely Friday today.  It started off with a bowl of banana pecan coconut oatmeal bakes all torn up (to ensure maximal distribution of heat while microwaving) and topped with peanut butter maple glaze and flax seed.


This lovely breakfast kept me full through 8am class where we talked about recurrence risk and those factors that influence it like incomplete penetrance and variable expressivity.  It was an interesting discussion and a bit low pressure because we knew a bunch of it already.  The discussion then moved to 22q11.2 deletion syndrome which is also called velocardiofacial syndrome or DiGeorge syndrome.

After clinic I was getting a bit hungry since it was around 11a and I hadn’t eaten since 7:30a earlier in the day.  I snacked on devoured homemade guacamole, grapes, sharp cheddar cheese, crackers, and dried papaya.  I also had some carrots and taco dip.  The star of the late morning snackage though was definitely one of the doctor’s incredible two layer cheesecake with a coconut graham crust.  I had one piece of that bad boy and had to walk my butt back to the student room before I demolished the entire thing.


Back at the student room I was incredibly productive!  I got my faxing done of checkout forms and test results.  I got my reports written and edited.  I also got a super duper start on my project proposal due in May.  I headed back to my apartment with the prospect of dinner at BRU with Mary and family on the horizon.  At home I hopped on the treadmill and did 3.25 miles.  It felt really good to run especially after yesterday’s workout craziness.  I did 15 minutes of abs (1/2 a Jillian Michaels workout) followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical and a kick butt round of weights.


Basically I did a threesome of lower, upper, and abs followed by a 15 sec cardio interval working my way through the whole post it.  Took me about fifteen minutes and I felt sufficiently worked.  However, that meant that pretty much all I was up for was a run today.  Thankfully it was a good one and fairly pain free.  When I got off the treadmill I quickly showered and got dressed to meet Mary.

We walked to BRU (obviously one of my favorite places to eat as you can tell by this post and this one and a third time here!) and met her mom and dad.  We wasted no time getting waters for the table and a plate of chicken bites with chipotle BBQ for an appetizer to share.


I was really pleased with the chipotle flavor and the light crispiness of the bites.  I ordered the BRU burger, which I had the first time I ever went, with the house made veggie patty instead of the beef.  That decision wasn’t really based on a vegetarian kick or anything because there was still bacon on the burger and I had already had chicken.  It was really a flavor thing.  I really like the combo on mushroom and chick peas plus it’s lighter than a beef patty.  I got onion rings on the side because let’s face it, they’re delicious.


In the long run though I think I would have liked Mary’s idea better: get a small salad to go with the burger.  She got a salad with bacon, tomato, guacamole, egg, red onion, cucumber, croutons, and gorgonzola.  I admit I was eyeing it from across the table.  =D  When our cleaned plates were cleared we ordered a white chocolate peach bread pudding for the table.


It was really yummy except for the fact that the nuts on top had allspice and cayenne on them and I wasn’t aware so when I got a big mouthful of them it hit the back of my throat hard and I kind of coughed a bit.  We ate around the nuts from then on.  Believe me, we didn’t miss them what with ice cream and cobbler and all.  In the end the whole dinner was wonderful and the food was surpassed only by the conversation.  I enjoyed the entire thing and it was a great way to end my week.  When I got back home I spent the evening doing more work on my project proposal.


In the midst of everything, I came across a crazy sentence I wrote during apparently a “spacey” moment at school today.


What was I doing??  That was totally supposed to read survey “distribution”…  Oh well, easy fix, but it really made me laugh.  In addition to my proposal I also finished my psychosocial case assessment due on Wednesday.  Now that that is done I can officially put all my energy toward studying for the Cytogenetics exam on Thursday. Well, after I hang out at Thunder Over Louisville tomorrow.  After all, a girl needs a break right?

On some cute final notes, I received an adorable piece of mail from my mom the other day.  It held two pages of all things orange.  Mom say it in a magazine and thought of me so she sent it my way.  It made me smile.


Also, guess what came on Wednesday!!!  My Foodie Penpal box.  Now I can’t show you what’s in it yet but I figured I would start building the anticipation.  Believe me, it’s got some great stuff inside.


Finally, before bed, let’s do some foreign language shall we?

Friday French –>

NEW ONEPhrase: Qu'est-ce que vous obtenez sur votre test?
Translation: What did you get on your test?
Story: This sort of statement is certainly good to know around finals time, right?  Also, it’s just a nice question to be able to ask.  I think it shows interest in peoples’ lives and it demonstrates that you remember their schedule and trials.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is all she wrote.  I’m off to bed so that tomorrow I’ll be up and at ‘em to hang out with friends at Thunder.  It’s about to be a fun day!  I’m really looking forward to the biggest fireworks show on the planet.  Have a lovely weekend group.  Can you believe it is already almost the end of April?!?

Questions: What are your weekend plans?
Do you ever sub in veggie patties for beef ones at a restaurant?


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