Sunday, April 1, 2012

Scramble Light Weekend

Last night I danced my heart out with some of my best dance friends.  It was the culmination of two really nice low-stress days.  On Friday, I attended 8am class, rocked my ear/eye/heart anatomy quiz, finished off my cancer class homework and then headed back to my apartment in the sunshine.  Highlight of the morning: a Chairish from the hospital coffee shop.  You can’t beat a chai latte with Irish cream thrown in there. 


At home, I treated myself to a three mile run followed by a cool shower.  Literally as I stepped out of the bathroom my phone rang and it was one of my swing pals, Aaron, saying he was in town.  For the rest of the afternoon he and I, along with his friend Anna, meandered the city and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon.  Around 3p we were getting a bit hungry so we grabbed chips from Qdoba and sat on the patio.


I had the medium heat green salsa and Aaron chowed down on mild pico de gallo.  We had a tiny bit of trouble keeping the chips on the table with the wind which was silly but it was worth it to sit outside.  To appease Anna’s (and mine too, let’s be honest) sweet tooth we hit up the Chocolate Café.  While we were perusing the selection, Aaron spotted ice cream so we jetted to the back of the storm to check out the flavors and that’s when we spotted the cakes.  Anna was immediately taken and ordered a slice of raspberry mousse cheesecake pie.


She demolished that sucker and I helped out with a few bites.  It was to die for.  Aaron and I picked out some chocolates to snack on alongside Anna.  I picked out a milk chocolate covered marshmallow (only because they didn’t have dark chocolate available), a dark sea salted caramel (Aaron ate the milk chocolate version), and some dark chocolate covered tart dried cherries.


All the sweets were incredible and we ended up killing just enough time that the storm that was coming dumped it rain and got the heck out of there.  That meant it was dry enough for us to get back to the car, pick up Jack, and head to Howl At The Moon for a night out on the town.  I had won a party a while ago so I invited a whole bunch of people out for free cover, free food, and half-priced drinks.  I wasn’t sure how many people were going to show up but thankfully several people from my undergrad institution, two of my first years, and three of my second years (all with various significant others and parents) graced the bar with their pretty faces.  The people who showed up en masse though?  My work buddies.


We had a great night and eventually moved to two other bars.  We sang.  We danced.  We blew out our eardrums.  We smiled and laughed.  It was perfect.  We called it a night around 12:45 and got to bed a bit after one in the morning.  I slept like a rock and when Jack and I woke up in the morning we had a lazy breakfast followed by TV time.  I was craving some cereal so I had wheat puffs and cinni-mini crunch with blueberries and almond milk.  Mug of tea on the side.


Jack departed around 11:30 to head back to his home to hang out with his friends and I worked out a bit.  By the time I finished I was so incredibly hungry that I scarfed down a tempeh “chicken” salad sandwich with swiss cheese along with a handful of party mix and some tomatoes that were on their last legs.


I followed this full plate with a handful of chocolate cherries before taking Mary up to Trader Joe’s for a job interview.


From what I heard from Miss Mary everything went well so fingers crossed!  I joked with her that if she gets the job she is buying the cookie butter from now on!!  =D  An hour-ish later I headed up to my undergrad institution for a night full of dancing.  You can’t dance on an empty stomach though.  It had been five hours since my last meal so Joshua and I grabbed food at a local place we both hadn’t been to in a really long time.  We got chicken nachos and loaded fries and then split a crab & seafood grinder.


We chatted a bunch and talked about all the drama in our lives that we aren’t privy to regularly anymore since we live apart.  It’s always a much needed venting session.  On our way out the door we took a few Red Vines for the road.


They’re complimentary at this place and it took a lot not to take four or five for myself…  Joshua and I drove to a friend’s belly dancing show and then so a froyo place to meet up with Jack (he drove all the way to my undergrad to dance, that boy was a driving FIEND this weekend!) for deliciousness.  My cup was super full of dark chocolate/peanut butter twist and red velvet/white chocolate mousse twist along with a dollop of espresso yogurt.  I topped it with everything from Twix to Reese’s; peanut M&Ms to white chocolate chips; and some hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry of course.


Essentially it was a perfect dessert treat and we all three devoured our bowls with ease.  So yummy!  Next up, we got our groove on.  I had so many great dances.  I did some more upbeat ones, so slower ones, and even some that had a real beat maybe once every 10 seconds.  Basically, it was awesome, and you all should have been there.  =D

We didn’t end up crashing until around 4:45 in the morning and it was in a bed full of cat dander which didn’t bode well for my nose but hey, it was a place to sleep and that was all we needed.  I just had to remind myself that my nose would go back to normal in a few minutes after we left.  Jack and I woke up and got moving a bit before lunchtime and went to breakfast before we parted ways (yes, that makes two partings in two days).  We found a table at a local diner that is right up the street from the apartment I used to live in.  Sadly the service was a bit slow, and it probably felt really long because we were fairly hungry, but when our food arrived it was good.  I had a Hawaiian “boatload”: hash browns on the bottom topped with eggs that were scrambled with ham and grilled pineapple, then baked and topped with lots of fake cheese.  On the side Jack and I split an order of pecan pancakes with butterscotch syrup.


The pancakes were super great and I really wanted another.  The “boatload” was also delicious especially since it was nice a salty with all the cheese.  I know fake cheese isn’t the greatest for you but sometimes you just can’t beat it’s taste.  Jack liked his breakfast as well and I must have eaten a third of it too because I dipped my toast into his bowl of sausage gravy and had some of his two biscuits.  No food was safe around me this morning!

After breakfast Jack and I made a pit-stop at Meijer to pick up nuts to make nut butters.  I had been talking about wanting walnut butter and Jack was thinking about getting alternative nut butters that were more in line with the Paleo diet.  Sadly, peanut butter doesn’t cut it.  He ended up picking out walnuts, almonds, and pecans.  Before I see him again I’ll use Vera the Vitamix to whip some butters up.

On my way home I called and chatted with my momma.  We caught up on the weekend’s events.  She was sworn in as an officer of the court yesterday.  She is now a child advocate.  So proud!  Once I got back to my apartment, I was immediately drawn out onto my balcony for some sunshine time while I finished The Last Song.


I was sobbing by the end of the story.  It was so emotional!  Now I really want to watch the movie.  Honestly, it was a perfect afternoon!  It was a perfect weekend.

Questions: How have you enjoyed the sunshine lately?
Would you be able to give up peanut butter if you went Paleo?


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