Sunday, April 1, 2012

Let Me Make It Up To You

So I haven’t been a “good girl”.  I’ve missed two Fridays of French…

Whoops.  I promise I’ll make it up to you, my dear readers.

How about now?  Awesome, let’s do it.

Friday French –>

Phrase: Merci pour la danse.
Translation: Thank you for the dance.
Story: In the swing scene you always thank your partner after each dance.  I used to think this was “cheap” and awkward because it felt like someone was thanking you for allowing yourself to be used for a single dance.  My mind was holding on to a weird train of thought.  Anyways, I have since moved away from that and now I always thank everyone and it’s more of a way to make it NOT awkward!

Phrase: Avez-vous lu le livre ___?
Translation: Have you read the book ___?
Story: For me, personal recommendations about books hold a lot of weight so I thought I should know how to ask if someone has read the book I’m wondering about.


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