Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

These past few days have been about playing catch-up with a variety of things.  First off, I needed to catch-up with and satisfy my walnut butter craving.  I have been wanting some for a while so I finally go myself some walnuts and whipped up some honey cinnamon walnut butter based on this recipe.


Four cups of nuts later I had warm and gooey walnut butter that I slathered on toast with some jam on top.  It was delectable.


Another thing I caught up with was my chickpea stash.  I put Vera to the test because right after I made the nut butter I set out to make cheesy hummus.  My Vitamix got angry for a few minutes and had to calm down but eventually it yielded some rather stiff cheesy, mustardy hummus.  I had some with celery and carrots a bit later and it was perfect.


Last night I caught up on my recent Nicholas Sparks obsession because I had finished The Last Song book but hadn’t seen the movie yet.  So I hunkered down with a bowl of chocolate covered cherries, uncrystallized candied ginger, and whole wheat fig newtons and watched the whole thing before bed.  I’ll admit the movie would have been much better if I hadn’t read the book.  There were too many things changed for me to appreciate the film.  I like the book better, period.


I also have caught up to the Easter season spirit.  Chocolate covered peeps will do that to you.  =D


I finally caught up with my award from the race a few weeks ago.  I won my age group!  I wasn’t around to accept the little trophy so Joshua had to pick it up for me and pass it off when we saw each other this weekend.


Ever since I moved to my new home my mail has STILL been playing catch-up.  Like today, a Christmas card arrived from my recently married cousin.  Great timing huh?  Too bad it didn’t come two days ago, then I could have called it an April Fools joke.


Also arriving today was a new book called Women, Food, and God.  It’s all about a healthy relationship with food.  I’m constantly striving to not let disordered thoughts about food so I figured this could help me catch up with those thoughts, reel them in, and restructure them…all in accordance with one of my New Year’s resolutions.


Last but not least, I’ll let you catch up with old friends in the form of song.  I know it has been forever since you’ve listened to The Spice Girls but I had to do it!  Forgive me.

Peace out, I’m off to catch up on my thesis work.  I need to write a cover letter for my survey tonight.  Hopefully I can be productive.  Right now being out on my balcony is not boding well for my concentration.  It’s too gorgeous out to do much of anything aside from bake in the sun.

Question: What are you playing catch-up to/with?

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  1. Hey Jill - saw your blog through Liz's. I just ran across this foodie nutrition blog that looks like it might be up your alley http://www.suesnutritionbuzz.com/


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