Saturday, July 30, 2011

Moving Isn’t Easy

Today was the day!  I moved to a brand new city!

The day started out at 7:30a.  Jack and I got up and stripped the bed.  We packed up the bathroom and some odds and ends before Joshua arrived with the trailer.  We started by moving the big furniture like the couch, mattress, and box springs and followed that with boxes and somehow we still couldn’t move fast enough.  We ended up being a half hour late for the move-out inspection though the apartment passed with flying colors.  It took another hour to strap everything in and finally get on the road.


Confession: I broke down as we were driving away from my old apartment.  Our caravan passed the city limits and I lost it.  Tears, sobs, puffy red cheeks, you name it.  I suppose it was time.  I hadn’t really let myself feel the loss, persay, of the move so it was only a matter of time before all the emotions welled up beyond what I could suppress.  I was reminded of my mom who always told me she cried her way to Ohio when we moved when I was six years old.  I finally get what she was going through.

The trip down was eventful in the worst way.  Eight miles down the highway, Jack spotted that the blue tarp had ripped so we had to stop and retie everything.  At this point we decided this was not going to be a happy highway trip so we switched to back roads (and consequently added 20 minutes to the trip) and didn’t go over 50mph.  At one point two clothes carrying boxes flew out of the trailer.  This gave me a heart attack but Jack stopped and ran back to get them.  Thank the Lord.  In all, I’m fairly sure I aged two or seven years in those 75 minutes but in the end, we got everything to the new apartment in more or less one piece.

We unloaded the whole kit and kaboodle in 2.5 hours!  Keep in mind it took us four to load everything so this “short” amount of time was a God-send.  Jack had to depart in the middle for a bachelor party on the outskirts of the city so Joshua and I finished off everything and then to celebrate being fully moved in (and by that I mean the boxes are on the 10th floor…not unpacked) we headed to The Cheesecake Factory.  After all, even though today was moving day we weren’t about to miss celebrating National Cheesecake Day!  Oh no, certainly not.


The restaurant was running a special: half price cheesecake slices, one per person, dine in only.  As a result, they had a major wait (we were standing around for an hour) but we were dead set on this meal.  When we sat down, we were greeted with a much needed bread basket.


Can you tell we largely preferred the dark honey wheat bread?  It was great.  We left the sourdough (I think that’s what it was) alone after trying a bit each.  After perusing the extensive menu, we decided on entrees.  I got the Boston House Salad: boston lettuce, bacon, egg, bleu cheese, croutons, and ranch dressing.  I subbed goat cheese for the bleu and had them hold the croutons picked out the croutons.  Also, I went with their mustard vinaigrette instead of the heavier ranch choice.  Ladies and gentleman, this was an APPETIZER salad…


…and it was easily the size of my head.  For real.  Seriously though, if you get the salad, sub in goat cheese.  It made the whole thing beyond stellar.


Joshua got one of the specials on the night: Pecan Encrusted Catfish.  It was served with garlic red mashed potatoes and some kind of corn succotash with zucchini and squash.


I could have easily downed a whole plate of the succotash and probably would have asked them to replace the potatoes with it.  Also, hint, a squeeze of lemon on the catfish takes the whole dish to another level.  It was awesome.

We took our time with dinner and finally made it to the dessert menu.  After careful, careful, thoughtful deliberation we chose the following decadence:


We were originally caught between two versions of the classic peanut butter and chocolate combo and our server was very helpful in our final decision.


Oh. My. Wow. Get. In. My. Tummy.

You would think these babies would have disappeared in ten seconds but no, we restrained ourselves and took it bit by bit.  We savored every bite.  And yes, they were well worth it.  The Adam’s was nice and peanut buttery with hunks of candy bits.  The whip cream didn’t add a whole bunch but the peanut butter fudgy icing on top was fantastic.  The White Chocolate Macadamia was a refreshing change.  It was lighter than the Adam’s but the caramel made it feel insanely rich.  The white chocolate cheesecake base wasn’t a great stand alone but with the nuts and caramel all together, it was a bite of goodness, for sure.

We parted ways after dinner and I came home to make the bed and blog.  I have decided to tackle everything tomorrow.  It can all wait.  I’m not sure how breakfast is going to work without dishes but we shall see.

G’night one and all!  Sleep tight!


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