Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last Day of Work

I cannot believe it was my final day of work at the hotel today.  You know I swear that the world just knows when you are having “too good” of a day.  I got through seven and a half hours, yes I was almost DONE with work here forever, and the shift crumbled.  A guest wanted to play a gaming console through a certain input on the TV, an input we couldn’t get the TV to produce.  After trying 8 different solutions, I had to change the TV with another one from a separate room.  Ugh.  It took forever, it was heavy, and it was at 10:55p.  Lordie!  Thankfully it worked and that resolved the situation.  Also, all night I was getting complaints about the internet speed being crap and there was nothing I could do about it.  Our provider was having problems.  Its amazing how many people don’t accept that is isn’t our problem.  I can only apologize so much…

On a happier note, packing went really well today.  The art came off the walls (man, its incredible how much less lived in the place feels with bare walls) and the wine bottle collection got packed.




Odds and ends from the kitchen also found their way into boxes though the majority of that haul will happen tomorrow.  Bits and bobs from various cupboards and such also got packed up.  All in all progress was made and the apartment continues to look like a hurricane has swept through.


Before all this got going, we woke up to UPS dropping off Comcast equipment return boxes.  After getting up and popping an unsulphured apricot, I did a two mile run.  It was slow and sluggish and sore.  A rest day is in order in the form of a no-run, no-gym, just-moving-boxes Saturday.  When I returned home, I was greeted with a smoothie of frozen banana, pineapple, mango, papaya, and strawberries with Life’s Basic’s 5 Fruit protein powder and almond milk.


I love that the smoothie basically blends into the bowl.  It makes me feel so matchy-matchy.  This concoction was in the freezer during my run so it sort of looked like deep-ice fishing while I was eating it.


For lunch, Jack and I took a break from the messy apartment and went to Panera.  I had been craving a bread bowl filled with french onion soup so that is exactly what I ordered.


Jack got a chicken caesar salad and a ham and swiss (which was initially devoid of either of the two main ingredients until he took it back and got some slices of each) sandwich on rye bread.  I’ll admit the best part of the bread bowl experience is the soggy soaked-with-soup bread that you get to pull apart and chew.  Love.  <3

At work I snacked on green peppers, celery, and carrots with baba ghanoush to dip and then had a dinner of a cereal mess (chocolate crispy oats, Fiber One Honey Squares, wheat puffs, chia seeds) mixed with plain yogurt.  On the side were some honey roasted peanuts, peanut butter filled pretzels, and dark chocolate covered espresso beans.


For dessert, in the midst of the crazy TV crap and believe me this timing was essential to my sanity, I had another piece of delectable homemade fudge from my best friend.  Yes, I still ate it with a spoon so I would draw out the experience.

With that ladies and gentlemen, I am off to finish Burn Notice and head to bed (its calling me pretty loudly).  Tomorrow we tackle the kitchen and start to pack both of our cars.  With everything being completely put away, we are doing dinner over at my Joshua’s house (he’s the fudge maker) to save a bit of money and avoid going out the night before the big move.

G’night all!

Food for Thought: You know how if you break a mirror it’s seven years bad luck… So does that mean that if you drop a mirror and it DOESN’T break, its seven years good luck??


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