Monday, July 18, 2011

Pleasant Afternoon

What a nice afternoon and evening I've had on this Monday.  Late lunch came in the form of sushi from Oh Fusion!, another place Jack and I can scratch off The Eats List.  Yay!  Sushi is art, this I have come to realize and appreciate.  Just look at those plates!

We kept it simple by ordering an April roll to split.  It had spicy crab and cucumber and was topped with tempura sweet potato and a sweet sauce.  I am a sweet potato fan so I loved the topping and the sauce on top really balanced out any spiciness contributed by the crab part of the roll.  It was fantastic.

To supplement our split roll, we also ordered two pieces of unagi, or cooked eel.  Man, this stuff just melts in your mouth.  Its like butter.  Plus it has a faint bacon taste and its super rich in your mouth.  Love.

Part of the reason for having such a light sushi lunch was because we knew we had this bad boy coming up:

This piece of heaven consisted of layers of dark chocolate cake, fudge frosting, cheesecake, and more frosting topped with crushed Butterfinger.  Oh man, yum is the only word.  I wish the Butterfinger flavor could have been mixed into the cheesecake but it was great overall.  I am recently become pretty infatuated with Concannon's cakes and I'll admit, for the sake of my waistline, its probably best that I'm moving away at the end of the month.  I guess I'll just have to find another bakery to raid...Flying Cupcake anyone? =D

After all this super food (and a few needed hours of digestion), Jack couldn't wait to get to his mom's to pick up his new toy.  A tablet!  The purchase has been a long time coming and was very well researched and thought out.  Can you tell he's happy??

Until tomorrow everyone, have a great night.  My bed is calling me as I have to be up at 8am to run before heading to the greenhouse to tend some plants for some extra cash.  Screw student loan payments!  I protest.


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