Thursday, July 21, 2011

FroYo To The Rescue

I can't believe I hadn't danced in three months!

I was deprived.  Plain and simple.

Last night, Jack and I hit up Wednesday Night Jam for the Night Train DJ Battle.  However, in order to dance it up for 3 hours, we needed food in our bellies.  We slipped into a booth at El Rodeo for some Mexican eats.  Lately I have been having a love affair with scallops so I chowed down on Fajitas Del Mar with shrimp and scallops.  Yes, it was a lot (read: a ton) of food.  Yes, I ate all of it.  Yes, I loved every second of it.  Yum.

Jack ordered his usual: Burritos Roqueta.  Pulled pork, tortillas, green tomatillo and cheese sauce = all he ever needs.

Finally, our lovely dinner guest, Stephanie, munched her way through this massive plate of nachos topped with beans, cheese, and pulled chicken.

Completely full of fantastic food, we headed over to the dance and rocked the floor the whole night.  It was great to see old friends and get back in the groove.

After getting to bed around 1, we slept until 9:30 then got up and got on with our packed morning.  Jack had a chiropractic appointment again so we drove ourselves back to the office (having just been there the day before) and he got his re-exam done.  On the way we grabbed some protein bars to tide us over.  I tried a new one and really enjoyed it.  It certainly had the chocolate and peanut butter combo down and was crunchy and satisfying.

After Jack was finished we visited Yogi Frozen Yogurt and devoured some awesome cups of joy.  We both incidentally filled our cups with the same flavors: peanut butter, chocolate, butter pecan, and cake batter.  We were both super impressed with the peanut buttery flavor of the peanut butter froyo.  Sometimes it just doesn't live up to the hype but this one definitely did.  The butter pecan was also insanely rich.  I topped mine with a few things everything I could find from butterscotch chips and Reese's Pieces to mango boba and M&Ms.  Oh man.  Jack topped his with some other yummy things like brownie bites and cheesecake pieces and we both dug in. It took some restraint not to just devour everything in three bites.

Needless to say, we were sad when we found the bottom of our bowls...

In the end, I think I may have a froyo addiction...move over scallops, I have a new lover in town.  I can't wait to move to the city where there are froyo places everywhere.  Awesome.

Parents come into town tomorrow and I graduate on Saturday with my first Masters.  Cannot wait.  Lots of pictures to come.  =D


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