Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stacked Shoes

Reader participation time!

Tell me what is wrong with this picture –>


My shoes are stacked!  My shoes are never stacked.  I keep them all side by side normally so tell me, why did I come home to a stack yesterday?

Unexpected, unannounced maintenance!!

Apparently a pipe was leaky in my wall so they bashed it in, found the leak, and are up to repairs now.  I admit I had a moment of sheer panic when I saw my shoes out of place but then I thought “honestly, what burglar would take the time to stack my shoes out of the way?” and I figured there must be another explanation.


Not only did they move my entire dining room set but they put up plywood to cover the gaping hole and they even left a note for me to let me know exactly why they were there and their schedule.  I’m glad they did because otherwise I would have been a bit concerned.


Anyways, today they made good progress.  So much so that they are going to reinsulate the wall tomorrow and then repaint by the 20th.  I suppose I can live in disorder for that long.  I guess my big apartment cleaning plans will have to stay on hold for a few days, huh?  Oh well.

I leave you with a tune tonight as I head off to bed.  The song starts goes from 0:50-2:55.  Sleep well my dears!

Questions: What do you like the least about apartment living?
Ever had unexpected, unannounced maintenance done where you live?

1 comment:

  1. I dislike relying on someone else to fix things that need fixing. (My current townhouse has had documented water problems that remain unfixed for well over a year now.) The other month, people arrived unannounced to paint our front door and shutters. We were totally freaked out the owners were going to put it on the market! Because really? The front door needed paint? Hello...


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