Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bagel Buster

Last night was rough.  I’m fairly sure I spiked a fever because I was all bundled up trying to sleep.  I also woke up, and we’re talking completely awake, at six in the morning.  I was more than perturbed.  Thankfully I got myself to go back to sleep only to wake up to my alarm at seven.  I was moving like molasses when I finally got out of bed.  I was hurting all over and my head felt like it was going to explode.

I just barely made it to the bus at 7:30 with breakfast in tow.  I’ll give you three guesses as to what I had…and your first two don’t count.  That’s right, I had banana pecan coconut oatmeal with peanut maple glaze and flaxseed.


Let’s just say I’m a bit over this breakfast choice but it has been nice to not have to do anything but stick a bowl in the microwave before running out the door.  At school I edited some reports and started a preclinic sheet for the patient I’m going to see on Friday.  By 8:30 it was time to go to Psychosocial for our last class.  We presented cases we had seen that had strong psychosocial components and the whole thing flew by really quickly.  When we got back to the student room, I snacked on some tomatoes before we trekked over to the seminar room to listen to Krysten’s talk.  She did so well and we were so proud of her.


After the presentation I was hangry for lunch so I reheated some cabbage curry and loved every single bite.  I totally want to get more of this or I should figure out how to make some. 


The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to convince myself to study.  When that didn’t work I did more work on my preclinic paper and then some organization of my patient records.  I headed home at 4:30, in the rain, and when I got back I immediately went to the fitness center for 18 minutes on the elliptical and another 18 on the stationary bike.  I followed that up with 1/2 an abdominals circuit.  Then it was time for dinner and boy was it a good one!  I chopped up a salad with romaine, tomatoes, red pepper, carrots, celery, red onion, and flax seed.  On top I placed some broiled teriyaki tempeh I started marinating yesterday.  I then drizzled the whole salad with toasted sesame dressing.  How’s that for an extra cup of veggies, WIAWers?!?


Let me just tell you that this tempeh was so GOOD!  It was so full of flavor and saltiness.  Broiling the tempeh was perfect and gave it just a little bit of a pleasant char.  Basically I didn’t want to have to roast the tempeh for 30 minutes (and preheat the oven) so I stuck it under the broiler on high for five-ish minutes.  Way quicker and easier, for sure.  Post dinner I hopped in the car and went to pick up some groceries for a fruit salad and a pasta salad I’m making on Friday.  Like always, I ended up with more than I had originally intended.  Oh well.  I got three kinds of onions and that may sound crazy but I like different ones for different dishes.  Red onions are for salads; yellow onions are for scrambled eggs, stir-fries, and loaded macaroni and cheese; and scallions are for the pasta salad.


I also got a can of enchilada sauce because I’m hankering for some tempeh enchiladas sometime soon!


Finally, to bust me out of my breakfast rut I snagged some delicious looking whole wheat mini-bagels.  I can’t wait to try one out tomorrow.


I guess I should go and pack up the fruit I washed tonight in a vinegar-water solution.  I tried to pick the least offensive strawberries but there were some gross looking berries in the back on the shelf.  I decided I should play it on the safe side and just kill any crazy bacteria/mold right away in the hopes that everything lasts longer.


With that my dears, I’m off to force myself to study.  I figure a good hour before bed will be enough to feel like I haven’t completely wasted the entire night.  I really wish finals were already over.

Questions: Ever been in a breakfast rut?
How do you use onions?

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  1. I hope you feel better! It still looks like you had a great day of eats- I'm digging that oatmeal, and that broiled tofu looks so savory and good :)


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