Friday, April 13, 2012

The Hunger Monster

What a Friday!

I counseled for real, with visual aids and everything.

I whipped up some scrumptious cookies (which I can’t share yet because they’re on their way to Gerry over at Foodness Gracious as part of Foodie Penpals!!) and made my whole apartment smell delicious.

The day started with a German chocolate shake based on this recipe.  I was more than hungry for it by the time I started sipping but sadly it was more icy than creamy.  However, the flavor was pretty spot on.  Still, I don’t think it was really want I was wanting.  It filled me up but left me slightly underwhelmed.

Whoops, it would seem I spilled…

Thankfully my experience counseling this morning made up for my breakfast.  I felt so cool being the one “in charge”, the one with the answers.  Of course, I didn’t have the answer to the most important question: Why?  No one has that answer and that is always a tough one.  It’s pretty rough too to have to tell a parent that there is this extra DNA but not be able to tell them exactly what it’s going to do, what it actually means.

Learning about holoprosencephaly (a brain defect produced when the forebrain fails to differentiate into its proper lobes) and subsequent hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) took up the rest of my morning and when I got back to the student room I was starved so I busted out a cinnamon raisin English muffin and slathered it in Nutella after toasting it.  I also had an apple on the side.


In retrospect I should have had peanut butter instead of Nutella because I desperately needed more protein for lunch.  Not that the Nutella wasn’t great, it was, but I really needed staying power.  Not two hours later I was super hungry again so I had some string cheese that I found in the student room fridge from when I brought it a couple days ago.  I didn’t snap a picture because I was in a hurry to get to post-clinic conference.  After catching the shuttle home I was again famished so I had a random bowl of wheat puffs with almond milk and a date stuffed with walnut butter.


These snacks kept me going through my internet perusing and eventual workout.  I did 18 minutes on the elliptical followed by 20 minutes on the upright stationary bike.  I came back to the apartment sweaty and did half a Jillian Michaels workout while the oven was preheating.  I had already kneaded some pizza dough so by the time I finished crunching it out the dough was all ready to go.  I pressed it out; slathered it in BBQ sauce, onion chunks, TVP reconstituted with soy sauce/Worchestershire sauce/liquid smoke, Mexican cheese, and southwestern ranch dressing.


Being honest, I ate this cheesy goodness on the floor while watching episodes of One Tree Hill on Netflix.  It was a great dinner.  While I had been waiting on the pizza to cook I had nibbled on six or seven asparagus spears leftover from Easter lunch this past weekend.  Yummy!


The rest of my evening was spent doing laundry in the basement, watching more OTH, and baking up deliciousness.  Fairly sure I consumed at least a cookie’s worth of dough…maybe more.  *tehe*  Great night though now I’m tired and I’m going to hit the sheets so I can wake up, work out, and then go to brunch with a friend.  Sounds like fun to me!  Oh, and look what came in the mail today!  I love save-the-dates!


Friday French –>

NEW ONESPhrase: Qu'avez-vous fait aujourd'hui?Translation: What did you do today?
Story: It’s kind of silly that I didn’t learn this one sooner, right?  I feel like this is a pretty well used phrase when catching up with Jack via text or g-chat after a long day.  Might as well use another language to spice up the normal right?

Questions: Do you like asparagus better hot or cold?
How many save-the-dates do you already have on your fridge?

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