Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When Your Throat Tickles…

I woke up today with a sore throat and a stuffy nose.

Cue the funeral march.

My only hope is to bash the heck out of whatever bug is messing with me.  Enter my incredible disease fighting army.  These will be my best friends for the next few days.


Hopefully I am on the mend sooner than not.  I really do hate being sick.  It’s so draining and I need my physical strength for workouts and my mental stamina for all the studying I’m going to be up to for the next week.  Here’s to health!

After I bemoaned my turn of bad luck I pulled myself out of bed and got dressed.  I grabbed breakfast on the way out the door.  I haven’t had a lot of variety lately for this meal and today was no exception.  More banana pecan coconut oatmeal topped with wheat germ, flaxseed, peanut maple glaze, and chia seeds.


It kept me full through Cancer Genetics class where we discussed ethical issues.  It was long and discussion filled if a bit repetitive from our entire first semester.  Oh well, suppose you can always use another refresher course huh?  Anyways, around 10a when we switched to Cytogenetics class I got a bit hungry so I snacked on an (unpictured) fruit leather.  It was enough of a sugar buzz to hold me until lunch.  I headed over to work and ended up labeling tubes until my coworkers decided to take their breaks.  I chowed down on a salad topped with reheated Hawaiian chicken.  I love using sauces like dressing.


I also love warm components on salad.  It makes the whole thing mildly unexpected and that much more delicious.  After lunch I had to hang out in the freezer room for three hours doing more tube labeling.  It was less than fantastic but unfortunately necessary.  At four I ran to catch the bus home and when I got back I immediately took more Sambucus and nibbled on some apple slices.


I spoke to my mom for close to an hour and got our family teriyaki marinade recipe from her.  I wanted to soak some tempeh overnight so I shook some up.  In the jar went –>

1/4 cup liquid aminos
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/4 cup orange juice
1/4 cup water
1/4 tsp minced garlic
1/4 tsp ground ginger

Liquid aminos is a soy sauce substitute and my orange juice was freshly squeezed so I bet this will be an exceptionally good batch!  A few shakes later and I was good to go.


Check out the saran wrap under the lid.  That’s another mommy trick.  It creates the perfect seal so the marinade doesn’t leak out while you’re mixing.  Perfection.  I poured it over my tempeh chunks and stuck it in the fridge.  Can’t wait for tomorrow!


I headed for a workout afterwards and did 18 minutes on the elliptical.  Next, I headed to the weight room for a quick circuit of 3x10 reps of each:

  • Hammer curls with 10lb dumbbells
  • Squats with 10lb dumbbells
  • Tricep dips (under bodyweight)
  • Inclined pushups
  • 20 exercise ball crunches

I did another 18 minutes on the stationary bike while studying some more of my notes.  I admit I got a bit caught up in trash TV (read: Dance Moms) and didn’t study too much though.  In fact, I should do that more tonight too…when I finish blogging, I guess.  Dinner was plated shortly after returning from the fitness center.  I made some scrambled eggs with orange pepper, green pepper, red onion, mushrooms, and minced garlic.


Sadly the eggs had too much almond milk in them so they were weirdly sweet.  That didn’t go so great with cheddar jack cheese on top.  Oh well.  It wasn’t awful.  I also had two slices of bread with butter.  This is rarely something that I have but tonight I was strangely craving it.  So I had it.  It was pretty great.  I also had orange slices for an extra vitamin C boost.


Now I am going to study and drink more tea.  I think an early night might be on the books too.  I have significantly less motivation to study since our professor moved our Thursday final to NEXT Thursday.  Now this means that I have to split my studying time between Cyto and Cancer instead of being able to devote myself solely to each one in their times.  Stupid, right?  Here’s to time management…and a Tune Tuesday video.  It’s a nice a cappella version of a song I happen to like.

Questions: What remedies do you use when you’re sick?
How do you feel about professors moving tests?


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