Saturday, February 4, 2012

Text Me, Feed Me

What a night we had last night!  I mentioned we were headed to BRU and we were not disappointed in the slightest.  It took forty-five minutes to get a table though apparently it should have only taken about ten minutes.  The restaurant is trying out this new system where you leave your cell number and they text you when your table is ready.  We put my cell number in with the hostess at 6:40p and we were supposedly texted at 6:48p that a table had opened up.  We had gone off and hung out around the city while we were waiting so around 7:30p, about 45 minutes later, we came back to the restaurant to ask where we were on the list.  The hostess was like “You weren’t notified?” and when I obviously registered a blank look on my face, she told us not to worry and that the next table would be ours.  They haven’t gotten it foolproof yet, huh?

When we were eventually seated, we started off with the BBQ chicken nachos.  Chips topped with white queso, pickled jalapenos, lettuce, pico, amazing guacamole, sour cream, and BBQ chicken.  The whole plate was delicious.  The BBQ must be made in house because it has a sweet flavor I have never tasted anywhere before.  I finished off the dregs on the plate with multiple forkfuls.  I couldn’t get enough!


My entrée was the Provencal burger with herbed goat cheese, braised red onions, basil aoili, and marinated portabello.  I had onion rings on the side with their house ketchup.  Man, the goat cheese melted into this creamy sauce and the sirloin/chuck/brisket burger was a wonderful medium temperature.  I was a happy woman.

photo (2)photo (1)

The three of us, Jack and I ate with a friend, were full by the end so we skipped on dessert and headed downtown for a free concert.  We got there about 15 minutes before everything was supposed to start and every street we tried was jam packed with people.  We spent more time fending off people for our own position than enjoying ourselves.  When the concert actually started (22 minutes late) we actually couldn’t hear much of anything so we bailed.  We clearly weren’t super invested in the band.  Instead we headed back out, walked around the city, and ended up getting drinks at a bar before calling it a night.

When Jack and I arrived back at my apartment, despite it being late, we decided to try out the Baconator and Reese’s cupcakes from Thursday.  They were both super duper good.  The former cupcake was an interesting flavor combination.  The latter cupcake was just the classic goodness of peanut butter and chocolate.  You cannot go wrong!

And now before I go and actually do some homework let’s do some foreign language, only a day late...

Friday French –>

Phrase: Qui est-ce? or Qui était-ce?
Translation: Who is it? or Who was it?
Story: Think about how many you use this in a day while asking someone who they were on the phone with or who they got a text from.

Questions: Do you have a favorite burger place?
What’s the best topping for nachos?


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