Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[Fire]Truck Tuesday

Today was a fairly nuts day.  There was a legit fire in the basement of our lab building so we were evacuated for a bit.  My appetite was all over the place and I ended up eating some random stuff.  My work ethic was anything but spot on.  So yea, nuts.


Breakfast consisted of a vanilla protein banana breakfast cake topped drenched in Nutella, chia, and maple syrup.  I ate it on the bus to class.


Just before the fire incident I noshed on cereal (wheat puffs, corn chex, and cocoa puffs…all packed in an old gelato container), carrots/celery/tomatoes with hummus, and fresh fruit in the form of strawbs and bloobs.


I snacked on a Mojo bar while I prepped patients after work but before heading home on the 4:30p shuttle.


When I got home and finished up my workout (elliptical and a quick circuit of bicep curl/Olympic press, pushup rows, upright butterflies, dead lifts, and lat pulls) I made a dinner of buffalo mac and cheese that combined the last of the buffalo chicken dip from the Super Bowl party Jack and I went to and whole wheat rotini.  I also had a side of celery/carrots and hummus & salsa dip.


So with that all said, I should be working on my presentations but I’m not, obviously.  Like I said, zero work ethic and zero progress.  I think I’m going to head to bed, wake up early enough to get to the student room before class and do work.  Now though, for Tune Tuesday, I want to introduce you to Green River Ordinance. This song, Dancing Shoes, is a great, mellow, blues-y song.  Take a listen –>

Questions: What did you eat today?
What’s your current favorite tuneage?


  1. Breakfast looks awesome! I have seem similar protein cakes all over other blogs, and have always wanted to try them, but I still haven't for some reason!

    1. You should jump on that. You won't be sorry!


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