Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quick And Dirty

It’s going to be a quick and dirty post tonight.  My bed is calling me pretty loudly and I’m all sorts of ready for bed.  So, here it goes –>

Today’s deliciousness:


Breakfast of a chocolate peanut butter green monster.  In the mix: frozen banana, almond milk, Sunwarrior chocolate protein powder, chocolate PB2, and spinach.


Lunch of whole wheat spaghetti, leftover roasted vegetables, and chickpeas in a goat cheese & tomato basil sauce.


Mini Valentine’s cupcake with do-it-yourself frosting in honor of April’s 30th birthday!  [That’s a water bottle cap for some size comparison.]


Dinner at Catechumenate of vegetarian gumbo over rice and a veggie plate full of multi-colored peppers, grape tomatoes, baby carrots, orange cauliflower, cucumber, asparagus (I could have eaten the whole platter of this stuff!) and a few tater tots with Western dressing for dipping.


Desert at Catechumenate of flaming bananas foster over vanilla ice cream.  Freakin' delicious like you wouldn’t believe.

Today’s awesomeness:


We first years got our clinic rotation schedules!!!  These basically run our lives for the next year so we were really excited to get to see what was going to happen.


Behold the beauty of my church.  Seriously, it was so hallowed and gorgeous tonight.


A super cute giant heart lit up on the side of a building by the church tonight.  So cute.

Questions: What was your awesomeness today?
Ever had a flaming dessert?


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