Friday, February 24, 2012

Double Dose

Ahhh, I almost missed the end of the day!  I need to hit you all with some Friday French don’t I?  And I need to make up for missing it last week.  So here it is, a double dose of language before bed.

Friday French –>

Phrase: Je suis une étudiante du conseil génétique.
Translation: I am a genetic counseling student.
Story: I figured I should know how to say what I do on a daily basis.  Plus, if I ever counseled in French (haha, right…) this would be part of my opening statement.

Phrase: Tu me manques.
Translation: I miss you.
Story: I say this to quite a few people in my life every week.  I’m here and my parents are back in my hometown, Jack is at his own school, all of my undergraduate friends are various places (most still back at my undergraduate institution), and my extended family is scattered all over the country.  So, basically, this is a much needed phrase in my life.

Question: Who do you miss in your life?


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